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Today’s News - Monday, April 5, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us a stunning eyeful of Ron Arad's Design Museum Holon in Israel.

•   Rybczynski takes on city planning, and suggests rephrasing Burnham: "make no big plans, only many small ones."

•   Arieff takes on rebuilding in Haiti: "there's still time to apply some of the lessons we learned from the missteps following Katrina" with an "emerging (and welcome) shift from starchitect to design collective."

•   Vermont spearheads a new approach to flood control: let nature take its course instead of spending billions on levees.

•   In Australia, high hopes for big plans with the new Queensland Design Council.

•   Ouroussoff ventures to the new Brooklyn Bridge Park and finds "a care and balance that make the park one of the most positive statements about our culture we've seen in years."

•   Let there be joy: an architect tours the Lou Ruvo Center in Las Vegas and finds "the real joy of meaningful architecture" and Gehry "at the top of his game."

•   Moore x 2: Piano raids the paint box to create a "joyful heart" in a London neighborhood where "the talk of transparency and openness is genuine."

•   On the other hand, he calls Kapoor's "Orbit" a "thing, a doo-dad, a wotsit" that "threatens to be an urban lava lamp"; £19 million could have gone to beautifying the area or helped to make the "safety-first architecture of the Olympic buildings a little less boring."

•   Czarnecki on the proposed elimination of the Save America's Treasures program: the National Trust for Historic Preservation "is not giving up without a fight."

•   A reprieve for Neutra's Gettysburg Cyclorama; Neutra fils responds: perhaps the Park Service should "commission us to repurpose our building."

•   On Cape Cod, new life for a Bucky dome (great video tour), but a battle brews over the fate of an "iconic" gas station (from the spooky video, we're not on the preservationists' side on this one).

•   Q&A with the SANAA duo: they seem "poised to straddle the line between design and commerce very well."

•   Lifson sits down with Kuma: "My essence cannot be altered by changing time, changing technologies, or new materials. That's the profundity of the creative process."

•   Yale School of Architecture runs on starpower: "It's important to de-mystify it so people know they're not gods, they're not starchitects. They're just human beings" (well...most anyway).

•   An eyeful of the CNU Charter Awards 2010 winners (great presentations).

•   We couldn't resist: research finds exposure to a bare, illuminated light bulb is a catalyst to reaching insights (so maybe we won't replace our ceiling fixture).


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