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Today’s News - Thursday, February 11, 2010

•   It will take that "great American natural resource - tomorrow" - to save "slumburbia" (with some lessons about urban planning "picked from the stucco pile").

•   Finch says retrofits could keep architects busy for the next 30 years; others say not if they don't wrest the lead from engineers.

•   A fascinating Q&A with Vancouver's planning director re: the Olympics: they weren't out to wow the world with starchitecture, but to be the greenest and most inclusive (and a case study for urbanists and architects for a long time to come).

•   Ryerson University picks a dandy team to make its mark on Toronto's "infamous" Yonge Street strip.

•   Gehry takes himself out of the running for V&A expansion (via text message, no less).

•   Things are only heating up (again) re: Auckland's Queens Wharf makeover for the Rugby World Cup (after a plagued design competition); the choices: between $10 and a $100 million (at least now there are pix of runners-ups - but no architects i.d.'d).

•   L.A.'s Century Plaza Hotel saved from the wrecking ball (but preservationists plan to keep their eye on things).

•   New Orleans considers demolishing its World Trade Center: a vacant waterfront site would be more attractive to developers.

•   Brussat on the difference between preservation, historicism, and not turning cities into museums of preservation follies.

•   Helsinki Fair Centre has grand expansion plans.

•   Why Eastern design principles (particularly from Japan) "are more prevalent - and relevant - than ever."

•   Steelcase puts videos of last year's (star-studded) Meyer May symposium on Frank Lloyd Wright online.

•   Call for entries: Chicago Architectural Club's 2010 Chicago Prize international ideas competition "Mine the Gap": what would you do with a gaping hole, a.k.a. Chicago Spire site (and Kamin's amusing musing).

•   Saarinen gets two sides of the same coin for the Mint of Finland's 150th anniversary commemorative (we'd go €10 for one).

•   We couldn't resist: a real spacey view of Dubai.


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