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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 10, 2010

•   Let's get the negativity over with first: Farrelly minces no words about how she feels re: an urban Modernism come-back: not only is it back, "it's back unrethought, unreconstituted, unrepentant. How can sentient professionals be so dumb?"

•   Glancey questions the decision to bury V&A extension underground: what we "should be burying underground are very different creatures...raiding our purses and nurturing avarice and dimwittery."

•   Hume x 2: Canada's Olympic pavilion is "an ugly pre-fab dud" that "could be mistaken for a public toilet" or an emergency shelter better suited for the streets of Port-au-Prince.

•   He jeers Brantford's city council for cheering for the wrecking ball aimed at 41 heritage buildings not "to make way for something bigger and better, just to clear the site" (it's dumb and self-destructive).

•   In Gettysburg, the battle to save Neutra's Cyclorama Center is much bigger than trying to save just one building - it is about the very idea of preservation.

•   Moore thinks it's "power meets poverty" with Tottenham football team's stadium-and-then-some plans: "What's needed is architecture that can walk and chew gum at the same time."

•   On a much brighter note, an uber-impressive shortlist announced in the St. Louis Gateway Arch Design Competition (more reports sure to follow).

•   King will be "happily surprised" if Hood's "inventive approach to urban space gains traction in a city as fractious as Berkeley."

•   An in-depth looks at Vancouver's Olympic Village, "one of the biggest, most lavishly landscaped, environmentally-friendly developments in Canada."

•   U.K. hands over £60 million for 600 eco homes (100 will be just for show).

•   Russell on Architecture for Humanity being tapped by Buffet and the Vatican to help in Haiti.

•   Saitowitz's Tampa Museum of Art doesn't try to be a Guggenheim by Wright or Gehry: "It is a neutral box, a scaffold, to be completed by its contents."

•   SHIFTboston Ideas Competition winners offer new life for an abandoned subway tunnel: "Here's hoping the city's politicians are canny enough (and/or jealous enough of New York's High Line) to take the proposal seriously."

•   RAIC announces 2010 Honorary Fellows.

•   Michigan's State Historic Preservation Office gets serious about its Modernist treasures.

•   We couldn't resist (it's snowing quite heavily): a coyote on Central Park pond.


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