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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 27, 2010

•   Haiti on our minds: Davidson on the pluses and pitfalls of rebuilding, "beginning with the word 'rebuilding'...Nobody wants to put things back the way they were."

•   Haitian architects and engineers now meeting daily to discuss "not how to rebuild but how to start anew"; a major challenge: "There is a two-page building code that nobody used."

•   A small solace: it seems the earthquake didn't cause any major, immediate damage to Haiti's ecosystem, so it won't be starting from scratch - and there's already a 20-year initiative in place to develop natural resource management programs.

•   Ho tools around the Dallas Arts District: even with "a slew of starchitect buildings," it "has a long way to go, but at least the AT&T Center has given it more of a sense of place."

•   King on San Francisco's "green development agreement" allowing landowners to keep their right to build - if they fill their empty lots with visual, environmental, or cultural installations until construction begins.

•   A new study shows urban green spaces may not be as green as urban dwellers might think.

•   Gehry's next Abu Dhabi adventure: a golf clubhouse that will be "an ephemeral mirage floating above the greens."

•   Schumacher on Foster's new S.C. Johnson's Fortaleza Hall in Racine: it "could not be more unlike the iconic Frank Lloyd Wright buildings erected more than 60 years ago."

•   Saffron finds Stern's 10 Rittenhouse Square a "traditionalist pretender" with an "anorexically flat" façade - but it does get some things right.

•   Heathcote on Moscow's new business school by Adjaye: "The Russians' choice seems to have been justified in an extraordinary looking building" (on 148 acres - helipad included, of course).

•   King finds a new shelter for homeless teens in San Francisco "a reminder of what they can aspire to: a safe haven and a comfortable home...what all residential architecture should offer."

•   In the U.K. a new home for British veterans at risk of homelessness.

•   Glancey on a Kapoor/Balmond Olympic adventure: artist as architect - without having to worry about plumbing.

•   Berlin has plans for a new museum for disgraced statues.

•   Kamin x 2: he cheers the scaffolding coming off Sullivan's former Carson Pirie Scott & Co. store: it "dazzles anew" after Harboe's "painstaking work."

•   He talks to three Chicago architects who have formed an interesting alliance with one of city's largest developers - and a new firm, a good "counter-recessionary strategy."

•   An eyeful of 2010 P/A Award winners: they "exemplify the speculative value of progressive design."

•   Bernstein on Baan: he's "remaking the genre" of architectural photography (people included!).


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