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Today’s News - Friday, January 22, 2010

•   Haiti on our minds: a round-up of initiatives proposed by the architecture and design community.

•   Betsky says, "If we are going to help build a better world in such places...architects will have to be part of that process."

•   Calys queries AfH's Sinclair to find out just what he and his organization are doing.

•   An in-depth look at how Calatrava just might be able to "make Americans care about infrastructure."

•   England's most hated building is about to bite the dust: "No one wanted it before it was built and no one wanted it after it was built" (and that was only 12 years ago).

•   An eyeful of plans for 8 skyscrapers "trying to capture the title as the next tallest tower."

•   NYC's urbanSHED competition winner offers a "lighter, friendlier alternative" to 1950s-era design for construction scaffolding (something we won't try to avoid walking under - what a concept!).

•   P.S.1/MoMA's Young Architects Program winner will have poles dancing this summer.

•   Galway, Ireland, wants to join the bandwagon with other cities finding innovative ways to use vacant buildings.

•   A vacant Tower Records store in NYC is the latest in a wave of arts venues popping up in empty retail spaces around the country.

•   Call for Statement of Interest: NEA Mayors' Institute on City Design 25th Anniversary Initiative grants.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   Boddy's "Vancouverism" show puts the emphasis on buildings and materials "to bring back the credit for Vancouverism to architects and engineers."

•   Iovine visits Yale's "What We Learned": it's easy to see why Venturi Scott Brown's thinking continues to give pause for a new generation.

•   "Mega City Network" at Korea's National Museum of Contemporary Art "implicates that big-scale developments may not be the solution in a mega city like Seoul."

•   In Berlin, Wasmuht's "Supracity" never loses sight of the human scale.

•   Two "young and opportunistic artists" have found a way to make the most of the Queens Museum of Art's ambitious renovation.

•   Page turners: Weber's "The Bauhaus Group" is a must-read, "combining gossip, art, and architectural criticism."

•   "Miami Modern Metropolis" is "smart, thoroughly-researched and visually exciting."

•   Two we couldn't resist: Betsky says go see "Avatar" in 3D: "This will be our world, this is almost already our world" that "can perhaps only survive as apps that have not yet been invented."

•   Education by stealth in a new video game that immerses you in Renaissance Italy (especially the urban and architectural elements) - without the tourists.


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