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Today’s News - Monday, January 18, 2010

•   ArcSpace brings us the Musée Louvre-Lens, and an Austrian steelworks' new HQ struts its stuff.

•   Architecture for Humanity issues a call for the profession to respond to the Haiti earthquake.

•   Gehry's withdrawal from Museum of Tolerance project "due to planning and financial disagreements," not politics.

•   Developer invests $7 million to "invite" Pei to design a museum in China.

•   Rochon minces no words about what she thinks of Canada choosing "Cirque du Soleil's one-stop showmanship over a landmark Canadian architectural moment" for Shanghai Expo 2010 ("You dumb cluck.")

•   Lewis looks forward to the new decade: "building efficiency will replace grandiosity" with a focus on retrofitting and repurposing existing building stock (but will media and the public be interested?).

•   Saffron looks back: it might be "bleak out there at the moment," but the last decade will be seen as a time when some cities "tipped from dying to dynamic."

•   And she looks forward with a profile of the Philadelphia Four: "rather than attempting to make our system greener, these architects are bent on overthrowing it."

•   10 practices picked to spruce up 12 of the Perth's "urban design failures."

•   Detroit has some big plans to transform 44 acres of power plants and chemical factories into a wildlife refuge, juxtaposing "the hyper-urban with resilient nature" (it's happening elsewhere, too).

•   A German professor devises a CO2 catcher: it "may be bulkier and less attractive than real trees, but they are thousands of times more efficient."

•   Portland's federal building will soon be sprouting 250-foot-tall trellises.

•   Q&A with "Green Metropolis" author Owen re: just about everything from density, downtowns, and driving, to why Thoreau sets a bad example.

•   Hawthorne on how Gang's Aqua "brings a feminine touch to Chicago's muscled skyline" with "a fresh approach to skyscraper design...that suggests a changing of the guard in architecture that has as much to do with generation as gender."

•   Crosbie cheers Roche's restoration and expansion of Saarinen's Ingalls Rink at Yale that proves sometimes the "quiet design is the best answer."

•   Heathcote cheers Brit Insurance Design Awards shortlist: it's "as if design has finally been allowed to grow up...with ideas of real weight."

•   Brussat hands out his roses & raspberries for 2009 (trying to be as upbeat as possible).

•   RMJM hires "Fred the Shred," the "disgraced former Royal Bank of Scotland boss" + one incensed voice wonders: what were they thinking? "It's like saying your ambition is to be regarded as the world's worst architects."

•   Kennicott reviews "Benjamin Latrobe: America's First Architect" (premiering tonight on PBS stations): historians "wonder what Washington might have looked like if it had found better accommodation with its first architectural visionary."


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