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Today’s News - Friday, January 15, 2010

•   AIA weighs in on support for Haiti.

•   RIBA and ICE issue report on rising sea levels: "Hull could be transformed into a Venice-like waterworld and Portsmouth into a south coast version of Amalfi."

•   California adopts greenest building codes in U.S.; builders to receive green certification without paying a third party (USGBC et al. not at all pleased).

•   Kamin gets the skinny from the horses' mouths: the real influence on Burj Khalifa design was more Mies than FLW (take that, "architecture's chattering classes").

•   It's a Vancouver kind of day: it's not quite utopia (yet) - Vancouverism requires "a powerful government to twist arms to enforce a new social vision."

•   Woodward's is "aiming to bring something else to Vancouver's Downtown Eastside: change...part of a revolutionary mixed-use experiment."

•   Boddy (Mr. Vancouverism himself - more below) pans 2010 Olympics architecture: "Ours will be the least architecturally ambitious Olympic Games since Melbourne in 1956."

•   Baltimore takes steps to update its aged zoning regulations to protect views of iconic buildings - and prevent demolitions to make way for paring lots.

•   An eyeful of ASLA 2009 Professional Awards.

•   AIA Facebook Young Designers Challenge winner "uses synthetic landscape topography to reconcile commerce and public space."

•   Call for entries: SMART Ideas Urban Design Charrette and Open Ideas Competition: retrofitting suburbia in NW Santa Rosa, CA (register by today and save $$$).

•   AIA to part ways with Architectural Record, awarding contract to Architect magazine's parent Hanley Wood to be official journal.

•   Weekend diversions:

•   "Design USA" at the Cooper-Hewitt "is less an exhibition than an extra-large design seminar in your head" (that's a good thing).

•   "Megacity Network: Contemporary Korean Architecture" returns to Korea following a two-year tour.

•   "Vancouverism: Architecture Builds the City" (curated by Trevor Boddy) opens at Woodward's today: "politicians and urban planners have received far too much credit for the concept - this show "sets the record straight," giving architects their due.

•   Page turners: "Body Heat: The Story of the Woodward's Redevelopment" tells the tale of "a crazy mixture of hard-nosed pragmatism and utopian dreaming" and "a lot of people taking risks."

•   "The Smart Growth Manual" by Duany, Speck, and Lydon is "an intentionally slim, readable, well-illustrated and portable how-to guide" that no planning meeting should be without.

•   Goldberger's "Why Architecture Matters" and Hollis's "The Secret Lives of Buildings" are "two decidedly undogmatic books bring us back down to earth" re: "architecture as an art of experience and use that is woven into the very fabric of human existence."

•   Stewart Brand's "Whole Earth Discipline" is a must-read: it's "brilliant, controversial, unconventional, and lively" with "ideas that are anathema to much of the environmental movement" that he helped create.


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