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Today’s News - Thursday, October 29, 2009

•   Senate climate change hearings: some excellent ideas, but not all are convinced (why are we not surprised).

•   Cannell wonders if "the urgency to appear green may actually stand in the way of good design" (hopefully, it's just "an unfortunate adolescent phase").

•   Q&A with Chicago's chief environment officer on the progress of the city's one-year-old Climate Action Plan.

•   Nouvel's MoMA tower gets the go-ahead, but is the financing in limbo?

•   Scheeren scotches erroneous rumors re: fire-ravaged CCTV hotel project: it does not have to be torn down, and repairs will begin soon.

•   Kamin x 2: yesterday, Chicago's "savage streak was on display for all to see" as bulldozers tore into Gropius's Reese campus; and last chance to see Zaha and Ben's Burnham pavilions in Millennium Park - what legacy will they leave?

•   It's Hong Kong vs. Singapore vying to become Asia's regional arts hub ("Hong Kong has the edge" says Florida - for the time being).

•   Mather's Ashmolean makeover gets two more thumbs-up's: says Merrick: "a virtuoso design" that is "an object lesson in how intelligent architectural contrast can refresh the sacred cows of our cultural landscape"; the museum's "reinvention has written a dynamic new chapter in the history of museums."

•   The 500-acre Missouri Innovation Park gets a design team to finalize master plan (actually, it's the former developer's original team).

•   Scully receives "long over-due" honor from National Trust for his "lifetime achievement in the field of historic preservation."

•   Australian Institute of Architects honors 32 of its own in 2009 National Architecture Awards.

•   But jury chair Howard Tanner wonders why Australian architecture isn't more exciting: "Is it that Australia doesn't feel the need for cultural icons?"

•   An interdisciplinary symposium in Vienna this weekend will explore the effects of globalization on the development of urban spaces.

•   Call for entries: 36 The Calls Design Competition: design "an inspirational landmark" on the Leeds waterfront.


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