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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 28, 2009

•   Gripes rather than glee surround Auckland's Queens Wharf design competition: the "process was more about politics, money and egos than about good design."

•   Just the opposite in Vancouver, Washington, where it's the "dawn of a golden age" in winning design for waterfront redevelopment that "will light the pathway to the future."

•   A Parisian team wins competition for a former scrap-metal site in Louisville, but is it "a fabulous opportunity for some developer and for the city," or will it create "expectations that cannot be met"?

•   The Winspear and Wyly may be "remarkable additions to the Dallas Arts District," and the city should be proud, "but the movers, shakers and builders must get serious about urban life."

•   Calatrava wows the crowd in Florida with his master plan for new USF Polytechnic campus.

•   Ditto for Beyer Blinder Belle's unveiling of University at Buffalo master plan.

•   RIBA opens its first Gulf chapter in the UAE to change the perception that tends to see architecture as "a sub-branch of engineering" - it "deserves to have a higher place on the building totem pole."

•   BIG wins big in Sweden: gets the job to design a women's sports 'village' in Malmö; and joins an impressive international shortlist to design a new crematorium at Stockholm's famous Woodland Cemetery.

•   East London mega-mosque project still stuck.

•   Why mosques don't need minarets: "Instead of proclaiming commonality, the orientalized mosque immediately announces foreignness."

•   King meets up with the green-haired French designer with big plans for a green wall that is "sure to turn heads" in San Francisco.

•   Could Maya Lin's latest memorial designed for the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco be her last?


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