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Today’s News - Thursday, October 22, 2009

•   Long on Maggie's Centre's Stirling win: it "represented decent common ground" for a jury that "was unlikely ever to agree on anything much" (and hopes that next year's jury will be "less polarized").

•   Lacayo x 2: Rogers vs. Prince Charles - again ("the judges knew perfectly well" they would be "sticking it" to the prince) + Dallas Performing Arts Center: "The buildings are so unlike one another they're barely on speaking terms" - sort of like going "from the raw to the cooked."

•   Design to transform an eyesore office block in Glasgow rejected for being an "aesthetic disaster," not dissimilar to the 1970s project it would replace.

•   Saarinen's US Embassy in London wins landmark status (the exterior, anyway).

•   U.K.'s Rubble Club takes its mission seriously.

•   Biemiller bemoans his alma mater's penchant for new buildings that look just like the old, cutting itself off from advances in architecture (comments tend to disagree).

•   Hume cheers the transformation of a 1929 Art Deco gem into Canada's greenest convention facility - instead of demolishing it, "which must have been tempting."

•   In Madison, WI, a downtown project could spell demolition in an FLW nabe (or not).

•   Brussat cheers recent evidence that confirms "the public's good taste" by its preference for traditional architecture.

•   Ouroussoff on MoMA's grand plan to draw on "the sudden wealth of underemployed brain power" for a project that might "prod government to think more creatively about our nation's crumbling and outdated fabric."

•   McDonald on how the recession is giving Dublin architects "space to be creative."

•   Q&A with Dreiseitl on how designers can use innovative, small-scale sustainable water management projects to inform broader policy and regulatory approaches.

•   Two takes (with a bit of sour grapes) on Cornell's adventures at this year's Solar Decathlon: "a symbol of what architecture school could be" vs. a misconceived high-tech shed competition.

•   Next Generation competition spawns new technologies, some that could very well become mainstream (one of these days).

•   Two winners announced in the Guggenheim/Google Design It: Shelter Competition (and eyefuls of finalists).

•   News that saddens us: Columbia GSAPP professor and urban planner Tajbakhsh sentenced to at least 12 years in Iranian prison.


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