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Today’s News - Wednesday, October 21, 2009

•   Survey results: not every architect is on board to fight global warming (worth checking out some of the curious comments follow report, too - yikes!).

•   Foley takes on "the other inconvenient truth: the crisis in global land use (it's time to launch a "'greener' revolution").

•   Krieger calls for more individual responsibility: "individual decisions are as important to an ecological urbanism as greener master plans."

•   Russell cheers two very different carbon-neutral projects that "clearly demonstrate that significant carbon reduction can occur using existing building technologies," not hypothetical silver bullets.

•   The East London Green Grid initiative to create a network of open spaces gets a welcome shot in the arm.

•   Minneapolis welcomes its first straw-bale structure permitted in years: a training, demonstration, and data-collection "garage."

•   Woodman cheers Fretton's new British Embassy in Warsaw: "a declaration of what an early 21st century embassy can be...a building that speaks boldly of a commitment to a culture of openness and dialogue."

•   Foster takes on a sliver of a site in Manhattan's Bowery.

•   OMA wins competition for a new municipal building in Rotterdam that will be "a skyline in its own right."

•   KPF keeps Pinnacle Tower on its plate, while offshoot PLP goes after the firm's Heron Tower ("according to reports").

•   Asian projects are proving to be "a financial lifeline to U.S. architectural firms facing one of the worst markets for their services in generations."

•   Chicago architects continue to lead the field in tall building design both at home and abroad.

•   Anderton chats with CO Architects re: the "hospital of the future" (+ advice on "scarifying creations for Halloween").

•   Jacobs takes on some of the "vexing questions about authenticity" in Buffalo's FLW buildings, both "original and reincarnated."

•   Calls for entries: "Renaat Braem 1910-2010" Ideas Competition for the future of a social housing complex in Antwerp + 2010 IALD International Lighting Design Awards.

•   Montreal picks a winner to design movable street furniture elements to use during festivals.


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