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Today’s News - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

•   London mayor in hot water with architects and local authorities over view framework and affordable housing proposals.

•   Stirling stories (part deux): Dyckhoff talks to the "bête noir of the Prince of Wales" about his "difficult year."

•   Moore on modern vs. traditional and the prize: "a message is coming through from the public, to which architects should pay attention...What is wanted is charm" (take heed, Lord Rogers).

•   Booth wonders if the Stirling really ignores the public (or is it that very few traditional projects are even entered?).

•   Hume wonders "will the blunders never cease" as the city sells the soul of one of Toronto's "exuberant landmarks" for a condo tower that's nowhere near a masterpiece.

•   Bentley Mays bemoans Ritz-Carlton's missed opportunity to add a daring design to Toronto's skyline: it's great to have another 5-star hotel, but "what the city needs now is more five-star design."

•   Chicago gears up for its own version of an elevated High Line park (hopefully).

•   Lifson does a Q&A with Balkany re: his efforts to save the threatened Gropius buildings of Chicago's Michael Reese Hospital complex (things aren't looking too promising).

•   Another excellent team added to the Columbia River Crossing project, this time for a "cap" over an interstate to tie Fort Vancouver historic site to downtown.

•   Swedes win Pier Galway harbor ideas competition with a Sky Pier described by the judges as a "compelling architectural image" (comments say otherwise).

•   A new American International School in Israel gets high marks: "Despite the international character, the atmosphere at the school is purely American; it seems to have been copied from some TV series" (meant as a compliment, we think).

•   Campbell waxes poetic about how much architects can learn by playing golf (we kid you not, and we won't be picking up a nine iron any time soon).

•   ASLA's Sustainable Sites Initiative wins a Green Business Award.


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