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Today’s News - Friday, October 16, 2009

•   NovoHouse: a new housing system that needs no training (or electricity) to put together could be a new solution to rebuilding after natural disasters (with open source blueprints to boot).

•   Duany heads to Scotland in a new initiative to create sustainable communities.

•   New media technologies are "dramatically changing the way the public understands and participates in government" (the future may be bright, "but it's going to be harder than we think," says Sadik-Khan).

•   U.K.'s Foreign Office is told to "scale back" grand plans for grand embassies.

•   Baillieu bemoans the move: "it would be a shame if the only government department with a track record for to go the way of every other department and lose its nerve."

•   Things are looking up for Orlando's new Barton Myers-designed performing arts center (just not as up as some would like to see).

•   Team Germany snags Solar Decathlon win (again) for energy production; runners-up take kudos for affordability and architecture(!).

•   Weekend diversions:

•   In Portland, OR, "China Design Now" is a "thrilling exploration" of the "ceaseless drama, beauty and turmoil that is China at a crossroads. That's no gentle task."

•   "Lincoln Center: Celebrating 50 Years" celebrates the "audacity" of the very idea of an arts center.

•   "How could they let that happen?" NYC's Center for Architecture's "Context/Contrast: New Architecture in Historic Districts" helps explain.

•   In Massachusetts, "High and Low: Projects from Eisenman Architects" carries multiple messages.

•   In Dallas, "The Art of Architecture: Foster + Partners" can "seem introspective and unassuming to a fault. But look closer."

•   Atlanta's High Museum gives over three floors to John Portman, "detailing the career of the architect who, in a large measure, built this city."

•   A FEMA trailer transformed into the Emergency Response Studio takes up parking space at Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT.

•   In Los Angeles, "The Wall Project" commemorates the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall (and what a multi-faceted celebration it is!).

•   Page turners: "American Power" is a photographer's "nomadic exploration of the nation's production of energy and its hunger for it" (great slide show).

•   Morgan's "Yankee Modern" has "just enough poetic passages to support the hard-working design prose that points out Estes/Twombly's "quiet environmentalism."

•   "Depending on Time" by Jennie Savage aims at encourage people to see a side of Cardiff often ignored: "somewhere between 'public spaces, town planning, constructed landscapes and the human story'."


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