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Today’s News - Monday, July 6, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us the Museum of Memory in Granada, and the new Giraffe House at the Rotterdam Zoo.

•   King muses (seriously) about what can be done with vacant urban lots now so many building projects are on hold.

•   Finding creative uses for empty big-box retail eyesores across the U.S. is not an easy task.

•   Sinclair takes U.S. Secretary of Education to task for commenting "it is not about the building" - coming from someone involved in improving school environments.

•   Not all are pleased that stimulus project goes to a San Fran/Brit team instead of strictly local talent.

•   Italian architect Stella perhaps not the stellar choice for a Berlin project?

•   Calys says, "Your bad, Presidio Trust"

•   and looks at the odds of 5 possible options for the Fisher art collection.

•   A call for Bangladesh, which "tops the list as potentially the most affected country by climate change," to make its architecture more climate-responsive.

•   Can Mumbai's new bridge become its first "heritage icon" in a city with few buildings "that could be termed beautiful or iconic" (no pix, but worth looking up).

•   Venice wants its Accademia Bridge to be redesigned to provide access for the disabled; the catch: bidding architects and construction firms will have to prove they can raise the sponsorship to finance €5m project.

•   Rybczynski visits Johnson's Glass House estate, "an autobiographical chronicle of the mercurial architect's trajectory through the architectural fashions of the 20th century" - and it gets hot in the summer (great slide show).

•   Kamin gives eloquent credit to the "forgotten man of the Plan of Chicago" (no, Burnham didn't come up with it alone).

•   Hawthorne visits Neverland Ranch: "I found a nearly bottomless supply of what I'd come in search of: architectural symbolism, for starters."

•   Rawn's "circuitous route to architecture" and what makes his work "modern and contemporary" - with no "defiant signature styles, he does not design Statements."

•   CTBUH announces four regional winners of the 2009 "Best Tall Building" awards.

•   A good reason to head to Melbourne next week: State of Design Festival: ": Sampling the Future...?"


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