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Today’s News - Tuesday, April 21, 2009

•   Weinstein on "Conversations With Frank Gehry": he proves to be "an astute listener as well as talker, an architect as aware of his flaws and limitations as of his virtues" + excerpts from the book.

•   A controversial Cornell student project and the Adjaye/Freelon/Bond Black History museum win raise a question: Is there a "gag order" on discussing race in the architectural profession? (a very interesting read.)

•   Canadian architects' strategize to find ways to do new business.

•   An eyeful of NYC's "lost skyline" - casualties of a building boom gone bust.

•   Cleveland proves to be the poster child for many cities encouraging architects and artists to revive neighborhoods - not all are convinced it's a sustainable strategy; low-income residents are often forced out when artists move in.

•   Pedersen peers into Japan's commitment to universal design: research initiatives, the cultural underpinnings of these efforts, and the new 'definitions' for an idea whose time is long overdue."

•   A new generation of Muslim and non-Muslim architects are designing mosques for the 21st century, "sparking not just a hugely creative period in Islamic design, but one riven by controversy."

•   King reports on National Park Service report on proposed changes to San Francisco's Presidio: Fisher's museum "would be appropriate only if it is reduced in size and scale."

•   Hawthorne reports from Coachella festival: experimental architecture is finding a home at such gatherings, where "the Bilbao Effect is now being recreated on the cheap in temporary, stripped-down and occasionally thrilling form."

•   More Chelsea Barracks musings: Moore wonders why so many people pay attention to the Prince: has his actions actually bettered British architecture?

•   Merrick wonders why the Prince is so angry about the development.

•   West cheers Charles: only he "can save us from the wretched 'starchitects'" (those "arrogant twerps").

•   More images of U.K.'s Living Architecture project (yes, mostly designed by starchitects).

•   It's a long shortlist for the BCSE Industry Awards 2009 honoring the best of British school design.


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