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Today’s News - Monday, April 20, 2009

•   ArcSpace brings us H&deM x 2 on the Canary Islands.

•   Not just the "big guys are suffering" in the bad economy: "architects are sometimes like the canaries in a coal mine."

•   A case of he-said-they-said: Gehry feuds with Miami Beach over concert hall park plans: "if I get insulted enough, I will withdraw completely" (or not).

•   10 stars (including 5 Pritzker winners) protest the prince's intrusion in the Chelsea Barracks planning process.

•   Could the prince be right: a hope that the prince prevails against "greedy developers and an arrogant architectural establishment."

•   Pearman's (very amusing) guest editor offers up 10 things you need to know about the royal rumble: #10: "there is a way out of all this nonsense."

•   Cast your own vote (updated stats: Terry: 66.3%; Rogers: 33.7%).

•   The bigger picture: scientists hope to figure out why some buildings make us happy, and architects hope it will make "an argument for architecture that is often engineered out."

•   Kamin finds Tigerman's Illinois Holocaust Museum "at once moving and flawed" - a "haunting but ultimately uplifting structure."

•   Glancey is gleeful over Eastbourne's new Tower gallery: it gives the seaside town "some real edge, even if its architecture is understated rather than overtly sensational" (and those views!).

•   Campbell finds a new Boston condo complex "a model of how to go about putting new wine in the old bottle of a landmark neighborhood...a mix of thoughtful preservation with energetic invention."

•   More on Chicago preservationists' angst re: Gropius's Reese Hospital.

•   Ouroussoff takes the measure of a master of "blob" architecture's first house: it's "straighter than you'd think" (lots of pix - you decide).

•   Last week, Rosales paid to keep Boston bridge lights on, now he wants to bring beauty to a Cleveland bridge.

•   An eyeful of how architects, builders, and city planners around the world are taking green roofs seriously.

•   Call for entries: World Habitat Awards 2009 to recognize innovative and sustainable housing and habitat projects worldwide.


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