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Today’s News - Thursday, April 16, 2009

•   Schubert calls for creating a new/better public/private model by bringing architects to the table from the beginning.

•   Bernstein (he's back!) bemoans the U.S. government not backing the U.S. pavilion for Shanghai's 2010 World Expo (meanwhile, a Canadian has actually designed the pavilion, and Shanghai chose an American team - go figure).

•   Rybczynski on the "new vogue for tottering towers," a.k.a. the "Jenga effect."

•   In Shenzhen, Holl is "turning the traditional idea of a skyscraper on its head - or rather on its side."

•   Kamin on what has preservationists more than a bit anxious about demolition plans for Chicago's Olympic Village.

•   Chelsea Barracks Rogers/Terry row: CABE and SAVE Britain's Heritage join the fray (3 guesses who's for which plan - the first 2 don't count).

•   Adaptive reuse projects that prove "repurposing old buildings for new uses needn't sacrifice soul."

•   Iovine gets a sneak peek at the High Line: "time will tell" if the "design lives up to our unfettered fantasies."

•   An eyeful of FXFowle's LEED-Platinum National Audubon Society HQ in Manhattan: it "offers lessons in how to maintain green leadership."

•   Shigeru Ban pitches Aspen Art Museum plan; critics worry about "his penchant for building with low-cost materials" (huh???).

•   Bergdoll and Seung H-sang stroll Seoul, and find the "still, slow waters of Korean architecture."

•   Zumthor x 2: Long says "one of his most important polemics is that he rejects the idea of architect as service provider; and a (not great) image of his first U.K. building.

•   Litt on Cleveland's attempt to regulate the aesthetics and safety of wind turbines, and hopes architects, urban designers, and landscape architects will have "a strong hand, if not the leadership role" (if engineers are in charge, "we could be in trouble").

•   Hume fumes about Toronto's new garbage bins "trying just a bit too hard to be cool."

•   Call for entries: "Design The 4th Bin": a competition to the next generation E-waste logo and an E-waste Bin for NYC (Toronto - take heed!).

•   We couldn't resist: old shoes found behind the walls of Halifax lieutenant governor's residence could spark the revival of an old tradition.


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