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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 18, 2009

•   Kamin pays tribute to Holabird, who was "a living link to architects who shaped some of the Chicago's renowned early skyscrapers."

•   An insightful look at what the New Deal did for America 75 years ago; will the new stimulus bill "match the monumental vision?"

•   A list of highlights of the bill earmarked for construction-related spending (estimated).

•   Study says NYC will have to adapt to a hotter and wetter climate.

•   U.K.'s Waste2tricity turns garbage into electricity; world: take heed.

•   Hume x 2: one thumbs-up to Canada for taking on "blowhard NIMBYists"; and other for Toronto mayor's plans to transform bureaucracy that, in turn, will transform the city's inner suburbs.

•   Litt on Cleveland's debate over where to build a medical mart and a new convention center: there's hope for a good result despite the "lousy process."

•   Viñoly's "Walkie Talkie gets "more curvaceous" (in plans, anyway; actual building will begin "when the commercial property market returns to good health" - we're hearing that a lot these days).

•   Bertrand Goldberg's "voluptuous hospital designs" now creating a "particularly thorny preservation dilemma."

•   Move over, controversy re: Mack Scogin Merrill Elam's Buckhead library (no final word on that yet); Atlanta's urge for (another) trendy library may mean curtains for a masterful Breuer.

•   They can all find lessons for revival and re-use in the makeover of a London church.

•   Anderton talks to Rockwell about how he'll make the Oscar show sparkle; a creator of fantasy cities who also likes building the real thing; and friends of Gehry pay tribute to his 80th birthday.

•   Landscape architects shortlisted for Libeskind's Imperial War Museum North.

•   A green building consultant gives himself a green education.

•   A Winnepeg architect takes the $34,000 Prix de Rome for his interest in "the making of a citizen-architect."

•   An eyeful of DESIGN 21's Wood, Paper, Checkmark winners.

•   Two we couldn't resist: Rose on the sometimes good, sometimes bad results of architects designing cars and buses (and some things on wheels that defy definition).

•   Wal-Mart's glow-in-the-dark mystery: exit signs contain radioactive gas (what makes your exit signs glow?).


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