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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 17, 2009

•   Glancey minces no words about the "lack of civic-mindedness" in "zombie public spaces" that feel like "they've been ordered from some global urban design catalogue."

•   Pogrebin on the win for culture in the stimulus bill.

•   New U.K. immigration rules may put a damper on international collaborations.

•   Litt and the LV Sun on Gehry's Ruvo Center in Las Vegas: starchitecture used to raise awareness; "Once it is built, people will understand that it's not just a frivolity," says the starchitect himself.

•   Clashing visions for Coney Island (residents just want to be sure there's affordable housing and a grocery store).

•   Rose visits Fuksas's Peres Peace House in Jaffa: it "wants to be both a US-style presidential memorial library and a grassroots NGO headquarters" (oh - and it "works marvelously").

•   Hawthorne on Mayne's Cahill Center: "It seems eager to start a conversation or pick a fight, depending on your point of view."

•   Davidson gives another thumbs-up to Lincoln Center's Tully Hall re-do: a "triumphant rehabilitation" with a "fresh sense of spectacle."

•   A planned tower for the High Line (which has "morphed from eyesore to eye candy") has preservationists "aghast, and the local community board ambivalent."

•   Gainsville, FL, has big green plans for a brownfield - including a museum in honor of the inventor of Gatorade; hopes are it will be "an absolute model for redevelopment nationwide."

•   Lewis on why Murcutt deserves AIA Gold Medal: "his reach is subtle but profound."

•   Hume on Toronto's "earth angel" who has "pulled together one of the biggest environmental coups of the new century."

•   Q&A with Vancouver's Henriquez re: his "bold experiment for the city's Downtown Eastside.

•   Woodman accesses the 2009 Brit Insurance Designs of the Year shortlist (at least the exhibit is worth a look).

•   Another thumbs-up for urban vertical farming.

•   Wind turbines for our own roofs (they're pretty cool looking, too).

•   Job opening: chair of the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat.


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