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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're back - and there's lots of catching up to do!

•   ArcSpace brings us Piano in Athens, and KK in Berlin.

•   An impressive round-up of who's saying what about the TVCC tower blaze in Beijing (images, too).

•   Greer tools around Dubai, a city "built on the premise that nothing succeeds like excess."

•   A take on Prince Charles's take on lessons that can be learned from the slums of Mumbai.

•   Canada's housing guru projects a vision of cities of the future: "What happens when your back is against the wall? You get inventive!"

•   Two Georgia cities get a peek at their possible future over the next 20 years.

•   Campbell on a towering plan for Boston waterfront: a saga that "should be fun" to follow, so "stay tuned."

•   A solution to New York's traffic" "congestion pricing done right."

•   Niemeyer "thought he was on course to adorn the city's skyline with one last flourish"; now, he isn't.

•   Rykwert on billboards and the urban fabric: "progressive usurpation of our common possession by crass commerce."

•   Russell on re-do of Tully Hall and Julliard: "the kind of theatrical audacity Lincoln Center has long needed."

•   Kamin on Gropius's hand in Chicago: "a potential roadblock - or, perhaps, an opportunity - for Chicago's Olympic organizers."

•   Danish firm takes Alvar Aalto Medal.

•   Venturi's Lieb House saga continues: it's parked now, but it better be outta there come summer.

•   U.K.'s "Angel of the South" to be a 50m-high white horse.

•   Perhaps there's a lesson for the artist in Denver's "Blue Mustang."

•   Call for entries: International Ideas Competition for the Bering Strait Project.

•   We couldn't resist: Just in time for Valentine's Day, RIBA's light-hearted poll - vote for Britain's most romantic building.


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