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Today’s News - Thursday, February 5, 2009

EDITOR'S NOTE: We're off to a practically Internet-free world for the next few days, but we'll be back Tuesday, February 10.

•   We lose the master of "the theology of the hammer" - but what a legacy he leaves.

•   There's lots out there about EMPAC, so we took a different tack and asked the structural/MEP engineer to tell us just how they "ground" a 221,200-square-foot building on a 30-degree slope?

•   Rybczynski rips into the two sides of architectural dogma: "self-indulgent, irrational, and trendy from one side; nostalgic, retrograde, and derivative from the other."

•   Brussat at his anit-moderist prickliest: "In modernism's self-satisfied self-delusion there may be a ray of hope for a world under its siege...the Driehaus Prize."

•   Arieff's What Will Save the Suburbs? Part 2: some suggestions offered are pretty out there; others actually inspire.

•   New NYC hotels take the skyline - and some unlikely hotspots for a hotel boom.

•   Post-occupancy carbon count on 3 architect-designed offices in the U.K.

•   Tributes to Kaplicky by Jiricna, Sudjic, Finch, Crompton, and Denari.

•   An eyeful of the 2008 International Design Awards (IDA) winners.

•   Weekend diversions: Kwinter on Balmond's "Solid Void" show in Chicago: "Young computer-based designers ought to take a long, soul-searching look here." Jacobs calls it "a fascinating experiment which cuts engineering loose from its normal purpose."

•   J. MAYER H. gets its first solo museum bow in San Francisco.

•   Bayley and Woodman give Palladio exhibition (mostly) four thumb's-up...with some reservations.

•   Page turners: Two tomes on I.M. Pei and David M. Schwarz present two very different architects.

•   "The Women" is a "mesmerizing story of women who invest everything in that mysterious 'bank of feeling' named Frank Lloyd Wright."

•   "The Rescue Man" may be a novel about an architectural historian, but its more like a ballad to Liverpool.

•   We couldn't resist: an amusing take on NYC by way of LEGOs.

•   For our British friends who've found themselves snowed under (as we have been for weeks): take heart... eating snow can be good for you (as long as it's still white).


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