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Today’s News - Wednesday, February 4, 2009

•   Iovine ponders if there's really going to be an up-side for architects in the stimulus bill: perhaps - if "architects make themselves known as designers of options, instead of icons."

•   UK-GBC's King calls for clear guidance on green building or the "recession could damage sustainable architecture."

•   Hume takes a cross-country journey to explore the sustainability, viability and livability of Canada's major cities (set your DVRs).

•   Preservationists battle to protect Brasilia's signature skyline from Niemeyer's proposed "Plaza of Sovereignty" (it looks pretty cool to us).

•   Sydney's Barangaroo park plans seem to be moving ahead (7 years later) + the city "needs another icon project," so why not build another bridge?

•   Farrelly calls Barangaroo plan "bad dreams of a front lawn for a 50-story office park... this is a site for brilliance, not understatement."

•   ?ód? has ambitious plans for a "squalid" neighborhood.

•   Pakistani architecture "may evolve. But it might be by default and not by conscientious design."

•   Designing architecture for the desert requires equal parts ingenuity and respect.

•   Goldhagen takes a long look at the many advantages of prefab and modular house-building

•   and the "hulking obstacles that block our path to a more rational system of house construction."

•   A new, green convent in West Harlem is a natural for sisters who "are already friends of the earth."

•   A new Minnesota justice center aims for LEED Silver (despite wattage and water use needed for security).

•   Smith + Gill design an eco-bridge to complete Burnham's plan for Chicago waterfront (now all they need is the money).

•   Roma architecture is surreal real estate: can this style be imitated authentically? (great pix!)

•   An architect's Vermont retreat blends New England and Korean design into a "four-generation-and-beyond house."

•   Call for entries: John M. Clancy Award for Socially Responsible Housing.

•   We couldn't resist: a bathmat made of moss stays alive with the help of bath water (we want one!).


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