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Today’s News - Tuesday, February 3, 2009

•   Weinstein's Words That Build Tip #11: Effective communication evolves out of cross-reflective details.

•   Commercial landlords (and architects, no doubt) are disappointed the stimulus bill does not to "incentivize building energy retrofits to the extent that we would like to have seen."

•   RMJM's Schubert calls for good, green, timeless design "not be lost in the haste" to get infrastructure projects going.

•   Lewis explains why public transit "deserves a big chunk of stimulus."

•   Hume explains why Toronto is "still playing catch-up on public transit" (Alsop has a few ideas); and he explores some urban myths: "the hard truth in Canada is that we neglect our cities (it's okay, Montreal, you're still cool)."

•   Salant explores two very different small, green show houses at IBS (a few more closets, please!).

•   Major changes ahead for LEED APs "designed to raise accreditation to a new level of professionalism and credibility in the marketplace" (not all will be pleased).

•   U.K. and China join forces to collaborate on research in sustainable design and construction of the urban environment.

•   King explores public spaces - some hits, some misses - but "what counts is that these spaces exist" at all, thanks to planners with foresight.

•   Q&A with Laurie Olin: he muses on public spaces, inspiration, politics, and "the importance of rehabilitating war-ravaged landscapes in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine."

•   Kamin digs deeper into why Illinois court's landmark law ruling is wrong, and could put every landmarks ordinance in the country in jeopardy.

•   There is good preservation news: Neutra's Mariner's Medical Arts in Newport is rescued from bulldozers.

•   An architecture professor mixes green and affordable into a housing revolution: ecoMOD.

•   Mostafavi and interiors: he calls for architectural academia to "consider the inside with the wit, seriousness, and curiosity it deserves."

•   An eyeful of van Berkel's pavilion for NYC (he doesn't mind what you think it looks like).

•   MoMA/P.S. 1 summer pavilion winners talk designing to be temporary, and why New Haven was the perfect place to start their architecture firm, MOS.

•   We couldn't resist: an eyeful of London under a blanket of snow (video is great).


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