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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 21, 2009

•   Inaugural festivities are over; now it's time to get down to business: What does House Democrats' Stimulus Plan mean for A/E/C industry?

•   CNU offers priorities and suggestions.

•   Jacobs re-imagines transforming the interstate highway system into an intermodal-transportation-and-energy corridor.

•   Rochon calls on Toronto to pool stimulus cash to transform a massive (and defunct) generating station into a "place where you could swim and float your mind."

•   Worried you might not have a shot at some of the funds? Apply for a grant.

•   Hawthorne x 2 from the National Mall, and the "value of long-term (urban) planning" (something L.A. needs to learn).

•   Is the architecture of Dubai socially responsive? It should be...

•   Ouroussoff on Nouvel's Copenhagen Concert Hall: "one of the most gorgeous buildings I have recently seen."

•   Hadid x 2: eyefuls of a "Diamond Grasshopper" in Antwerp, and a university library in Vienna (nick-name still to be determined, but could be a grasshopper, too).

•   An office tower boom in Calgary: it's "big, bold and green" (but will it last?).

•   In Vancouver, a $1.1 billion, 32-acre development seems to be moving forward (original architect, new firm).

•   In the Middle East, street furniture is becoming an "essential part of the urban fabric" and "a positive step in engendering people to take more pride in their environment."

•   Some interesting (to say the least) proposals for the future of Tempelhof airport in Berlin.

•   An eyeful of Kaplický's final project; and two public farewells in Prague next week.

•   Call for entries: International Open Design Competition for the redesign of Maidstone's High Street (U.K.).


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