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Today’s News - Tuesday, January 20, 2009

•   Our Inauguration Day fever continues (we're taking the rest of the day off to watch the festivities): Kamin and Jones re: the National Mall: Burnham's hand, and "how did the American capital come to have such a grandiosely cinematic and emotive political park in the middle of it?"

•   With the economy tanking, it's looking like an "architectural clash of titans" as starchitects battle it out for even small projects (illustration is a hoot!).

•   The bad economy bodes well for investment in short term green initiatives.

•   Except perhaps for sustainable housing.

•   Lewis brings lessons from L.A. home to D.C.: "I may have glimpsed the Washington region's future."

•   NYC unveils Coney Island revival plan; not all are pleased; and an eyeful of community proposals that "are certainly worth checking out."

•   Two Vancouver architects want to "transform cities into literal urban jungles."

•   The ultimate in recycling: recasting old buildings in new green roles.

•   BAM thinks big despite hard times.

•   New visitors center on the Blue Ridge Parkway (our favorite place) lands LEED Gold.

•   Scottish firm pulls out of Scotland's pavilion at Kolkata Book Fair (alas, Indian firm taking over not named).

•   Piano is off to Malta to continue his 20-year saga of City Gate project in Valletta.

•   A young architect of the Toronto school proves "what good architecture can do for the city" in a design for "the coolest apartment on the block."

•   Campbell cheers Genzyme Center winning the Parker Medal.

•   In-depth looks at Gropius influence on school design; and "the other Kahn" (as in Albert): "America's forgotten architect."

•   University of Arkansas names School of Architecture after E. Fay Jones.


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