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Today’s News - Wednesday, January 14, 2009

•   In Brooklyn, a new community center re-imagines public architecture and what civic buildings represent.

•   Calys cheers small town public buildings: "they aren't ho-hum any more."

•   AIA develops Rebuild and Renew Plan to stimulate economy and create 1.6 million jobs (let's hope Obama crew and Congress listen!).

•   Seven questions every firm needs to answer to see a "future beyond the economic dilemmas of today."

•   Campbell bids adieu to the "Bilbao Decade."

•   Viladas steps into the Cannell vs. Moss flap: "Score one for designers."

•   Stepping into the conversation now: Starck, Conran, and Allsopp debate the future of their industries in these lean times.

•   Another (not very positive) take on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

•   A $5,000 dwelling made out of paper could revolutionize slums.

•   An environmentally-friendly cement that eats carbon dioxide could revolutionize construction.

•   Voelz Chandler gives (mostly) thumbs-up to 3 new Denver buildings that, while contemporary, get along with their more traditional, historic neighbors.

•   A new bridge for the Portland-Vancouver area could include vertical wind turbines; not all are convinced.

•   Heathcote heaps praise on London's "quirky, delightful little" Garden Museum.

•   Hume takes us on a stroll through the "accidental wilds" of the "new urban wilderness emerging in the shadowy spaces" beneath the Gardiner Expressway.

•   Parker receives Lifetime Achievement Award from ACHA.

•   We couldn't resist: the $40,000 workstation to replace your desk, chair, and computer setup (we're adding this to our Christmas wish list!).


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