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Today’s News - Thursday, December 4, 2008

•   Glancey takes on Duany's rant (we ran yesterday): "British postwar architects have nothing to repent - it is his bland new urbanism that we must be saved from."

•   Farrelly reflects on Utzon's death, and hopes Sydney doesn't make the same mistake twice, calling for "something breathtaking for Barangaroo.

•   Rykwert reflects on Utzon's Opera House: he "never quite loved it," but has changed his mind.

•   A Vermont town turns to college students to help steer development hoping "the collaboration could be a model for planning in rural towns around the country."

•   Renzo Piano gets a thumbs-up to return to Valletta's City Gate project - 20 years later.

•   A call to beautify Chandigarh in the spirit of Corbu et al.

•   Q&A with landscape architect Tom Oslund re: the making of I-35W bridge memorial, his Zen time, and ecology vs. aesthetics.

•   Behnisch Architekten's David Cook explains what green architecture really means.

•   Hospitals are buying in to biophilic design to help patients heal.

•   Glancey is totally impressed by Perrault's EU Court of Justice: it shows us "how a rational, highly organized and seemingly matter-of-fact building can be dazzling, even romantic."

•   Hawthorne is totally unimpressed by phase two of L.A. Live.

•   Thumbs-up for Australia's new National Portrait Gallery: it's "welcoming, full of natural light, and human in scale."

•   A green light for Hadid's Hoxton Square project in London.

•   FOA pulls the plug on its involvement in Madrid's City of Justice; his budget didn't match others': "It is a question of professional reputation."

•   Nadel on why the Mumbai attacks now requires a different response from the buildings industry.

•   The Taj Mahal hotel will, as before, survive the threat of destruction, says historian Allen.

•   High-profile hotels everywhere re-evaluate their security strategies in the wake of the Mumbai.

•   The Dutch simulate their demise - climate change "is making the scenario more and more likely."

•   We couldn't resist: NY Daily News "steals" the Empire State Building (and it wasn't even hard to do).


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