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Today’s News - Wednesday, December 3, 2008

•   Duany slams U.K. architects' "infantile" pursuit of ego-driven visions: the likes of Rogers, Gehry, Hadid, Eisenman are "increasingly irrelevant" - Prassad and others beg to differ.

•   Kennicott and Leigh give two (almost mean) thumbs-down to new Capitol Visitor Center in DC; but Fisher begs to differ, calling it an "underground jewel."

•   Durham, NC's central-city revival sparkles with a new Performing Arts Center.

•   Litt wonders if the Cleveland Institute of Art "can be saved from the architectural embarrassment it's about to inflict on itself": it should "admit that the idea of recruiting a star architect did not bear fruit."

•   Columbus, Ohio's waterfront revival is "one of the Midwest's most successful urban redevelopment projects."

•   Dunlop rethinks Art Basel and other such fairs: they "have accelerated the rebirth of whole neighborhoods and affirmed the role that art plays in our lives."

•   Searching for the true beating heart of Denver: some say it's perfect, but a developer bemoans the lack of a "desire for greatness."

•   Heading to MIPIM Horizons for emerging markets in Cannes could prove to be a lifeline in tough economic times.

•   Speck takes on the state of architecture education: it's no longer the "narrow, politicized ivory towers of yesterday."

•   Giovannini is (fairly) positive about Rudolph restoration at Yale, but finds the "earnest and respectful restoration sadly misses several germane issues" (while you're there, click to other school projects by Predock, Rios Clementi Hale, and others).

•   An eyeful of Arch Record's 10 Design Vanguards for 2008 (but "could they also represent the end of an era?").

•   Libeskind talks about his green dream for his Manhattan tower (he'll be talking to Goldberger at the Center for Architecture on Dec. 10).

•   Sudjic on Utzon: if he "had managed a sustained run of work exploring the themes that underpinned his work, he could genuinely have transformed the architectural landscape."

•   Glancey on Utzon: "the man I met in Mallorca, was a delight...nothing like the difficult, stand-offish, stubborn architect I had expected."

•   The Irish Georgian Society celebrates its 50th anniversary; still battling to save architectural gems across Ireland.

•   The Empire State Building archive of renderings, working drawings, models, etc. to hit the auction block (too bad the collection will most likely be split - or will it?).

•   An eyeful of the Ed Bacon Foundation National Student Design Competition winners (Norquist honored, too).


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