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Today’s News - Tuesday, December 2, 2008

•   Weinstein's Words That Build Tip #9: Work with your clients' contradictions to discover possible solutions.

•   After "the calls go out to the architects: pencils down," what will become of NYC's construction pits? (corn mazes or parking lots or something else, perhaps?)

•   Christensen illustrates some resourceful reuses of vacant big-box stores sprouting up across the country.

•   Rochon on Bing Thom's "radical urban-renewal design" to transform 800+ acres of Fort Worth's "derelict and dangerous downtown land."

•   High hopes that New Orleans' first international biennial of art ("a shifting, healing kaleidoscope" or "the bleeding heart biennial") will "foster a love affair" with the city.

•   Pogrebin's final installment on preservation in NYC: it's always "a delicate dance."

•   A major showdown re: Washington, DC's "Brutalist bunker" church: is it "a modernist jewel," or just "a money-sucking, energy-wasting, decrepit dump"?

•   Hume on Torontonians' hard time adjusting to the winds of change: "Change is good, they say, as long as it means we don't have to do anything differently."

•   Merrick is spellbound by Pei's Museum of Islamic Art: "Dubai may have Atlantis, but Doha's got Xanadu."

•   Despite the otherwise dismal economy, the High Line "is a real bright spot" that "shows that New York can still think big and do big things."

•   Rothstein finds some bright (and some dim) spots in the new Capitol Visitor Center.

•   An eyeful of Gensler's Shanghai Tower.

•   Alsop's urban manifesto: "Street Creatures," and the importance of experiencing architecture.

•   Q&A's with Wolf Prix, who has flipped "flip the trend of institutionalized cement-gray high schools"; and IDEO's Stephen Bishop, advocates for a "human-centered design process" that can be applied across all design disciplines.

•   Good news for the elephants at the Oklahoma City Zoo.

•   Bike racks as public art are popping up everywhere.

•   We couldn't resist an eyeful of the Aerohotel: forget terraforming - just use stilts.


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