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Today’s News - Monday, August 11, 2008

•   ArcSpace brings us Gehry’s Serpentine, a coffee bar in Ireland, and a tome on Olympic architecture...speaking of which...

•   Hawthorne’s last Olympic installment takes on Beijing’s smog and buildings designed with pollution in mind (+ links to his series should you have missed any).

•   Kennicott ponders "given the billions spent...why are the Beijing Olympics so ugly?"

•   Dyckhoff finds CCTV HQ "the most significant building of the century so far...architecture will not be the same again, and nor will China."

•   Kamin offers the first in a series on the skyscraper wars in Asia

•   written 14 years ago, yet oh so timely. On a very different note: the Chinese architect who is part of the worldwide design effort to create "a phoenix to rise from the ashes" in earthquake-ravaged Sichuan province.

•   Bernstein banters with Adrian Smith re: his towering success in the UAE.

•   Heathcote has high praise for a mini-corporate city rising in Basel (where only Gehry "has produced a bit of a dog").

•   In Rome, the controversy over how far it should go with contemporary architecture (Meier’s Ara Pacis as the poster child for the conflict).

•   Architects challenge the quality of mushrooming Kampala buildings.

•   Greer growls back at critics who accuse her of "not knowing my eco from my elbow."

•   A new report finds pedestrian-friendly streets are good for retail and property values.

•   King finds a new synagogue by Saitowitz "pushes the notion of neighborhood context to the breaking point," but its "architectural quality wins out."

•   Crosbie minces no words about Disney’s "Innoventions Dream Home" (a.k.a. "Dream McMansion") - and another more deserving of attention.

•   The battle heats up over Washington, DC’s Brutalist Christian Science church: "an eyesore or a work of genius, depending on who is discussing it."

•   Auschwitz Museum seeks international help (including funds to change its permanent exhibition that’s been on view since 1955).

•   A copyright infringement suit has a happy ending for the architect infringed upon.

•   Karim Rashid dishes (and disses) New York.

•   An eyeful of the 2008 International Illumination Design Awards winners.


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