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Today’s News - Thursday, August 7, 2008

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ll be taking Friday’s off for the rest of August...see you Monday, August 11.

•   Is a German city turning into a "green dictatorship," or is it more "like an argument between the enlightened environmentalists and the really enlightened environmentalists."

•   Are eco−town dreams going the way of the supercasinos?

•   Architects look for a "solution that allows us to enjoy luxury and shrink our footprint at the same time."

•   Findlay’s pink starfish that was to be the English country home of the 21st century gives way to an Adam 35,000−square−foot "Georgian−style stone pile straight out of Pride and Prejudice" − and green to boot (yeah, right).

•   An eyeful of some fanciful visions of homes of the future.

•   McCloud’s own ’grand design’ to transform the quality of British housing is in chaos.

•   Baillieu says his goal is good, but perhaps he’s "biting off rather more than he could chew."

•   Plans in the works to bring back ancient Thrace capital buried in a reservoir.

•   Beijing reopens historic Qianmen shopping street (but how much of it is actually authentic, we wonder − do check out the garbage can!).

•   Nadel takes on security of Olympic proportions.

•   Goldberger on the "King of Central Park West" (a.k.a. Robert A. M. Stern), and the "art, as well as the limits, of grand nostalgia" (and pix with Vanity Fair flair, no less).

•   Spring hopes eternal that Mecanoo can give Birmingham a much−needed "a social heart."

•   King finds a San Francisco infill project that actually looks better in person than on paper (take heed, developers and architects).

•   A baby brother for London’s Gherkin?

•   Interns offer grand vision to turn a piece of L.A. pavement into paradise.

•   A call for the Parliament House in Melbourne to finally get its dome.

•   Call for entries: 3rd Annual Ed Bacon Student Competition.

•   Klein commissions a "Serpentine" for the High Line − by Pawson this time.

•   Eliasson’s waterfalls put NYC trees under stress.

•   Page turners: Kwinter offers "an undeniably bracing and enlivening volume."

•   Despite probing essays, a tome on Sert is "too deferential to be able to say anything relevant to today’s debates about how to correct them."

•   Of note: Dubai just bought 20% of Cirque du Soleil, but no word yet on who will design its theater on Palm Jumeirah (where else?).


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