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Today's News - Wednesday, August 6, 2008

-- Hawthorne's next China installment: the rising tide of young talent.
-- The new American Embassy in Beijing is ready for its close-up - even at 600,000 square feet, they're already planning an expansion.
-- Ai Weiwei weighs in on Beijing's "pretend smile."
-- Why Beijing's "architectural language of bombast and gigantism was almost inevitable."
-- Farrelly bemoans the "beigeness" of architectural language.
-- What makes Castleford's regeneration different from others (which is why it will probably work, too).
-- Baltimore experiences a blast from the past: bulldozing a neighborhood to save it (there goes "The Wire" backdrop).
-- An urban renewal project in Namibia is "a utopian vision of fusing living, working and recreational space."
-- In-depth looks at the 2008 COTE Top 10 Green Projects.
-- Hoping for second place, a young Canadian team wins big in sustainable housing design competition.
-- Maharishi University in Iowa plans ultimate green building.
-- Sokol offers an eyeful of Maastricht's "shocking interior experiences" (he means that in a good sense).
-- Calatrava shows off his Jerusalem bridge.
-- A new suitor and hopeful sign for Saarinen's Bell Labs?
-- Heritage buildings in Vancouver's Chinatown gaining recognition as civic treasures.
-- Might a Frank Lloyd Wright-designed-but-never-built church get built?
-- A campaign to rebuild London's Euston arch.
-- Obrist interviews the greats with Koolhaas as his "onscreen wingman."
-- If oil sheiks were "after a chunk of New York's heart," they got it with the Chrysler Building.

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