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Today's News - Monday, July 21, 2008

-- ArcSpace brings us Williams and Tsien at Lincoln Center, and Calatrava's Jerusalem bridge.
-- The most walkable American cities (and why).
-- Bishop and Florida continue their discussion re: cities - what new trends mean for the future of places.
-- Lewis on brain power vs. computer power: "digital might doesn't ensure great architecture" (and some examples that, for him, prove it).
-- CABE criticizes U.K. school designs: the future looks "mediocre" and "not yet good enough."
-- Auckland City's urban design champion, hired to "halt shonky development and bad architecture passing for urban renewal," weighs in on "alien" hotel plan.
-- An eyeful of the boldest Boston building projects that never got off the drawing board.
-- Q&A with Koolhaas on just about everything.
-- Farrelly is left with an almost warm, fuzzy feeling about Australian Institute of Architects' NSW Awards.
-- Glancey weighs in on Stirling Prize shortlist: "They are all, if not exactly hip, rather cool."
-- Pearman weighs in on H&deM's Tate redesign: it's turned into architecture.
-- Kamin has high hopes for a national public housing museum: "Not all public housing was high-rise. And not all the stories are bad ones."
-- Why green roofs should not be the first item to be value-engineered: more than "eco-bling."
-- A look at the American firms who are exporting the classic college campus: where and why.
-- Dyckhoff is practically deliriously delighted that the "Great British Pier is finally back."
-- Russell reviews MoMA's "Home Delivery": "a wildly ambitious display of the pleasures and peculiarities of prefabricated houses."
-- How could we resist: North Korea's unfinished 105-storey Ryugyong Hotel ("the worst building in the history of mankind") back under construction (though some think it might collapse).
-- Calls for entries: Next American City Urban Leaders Fellowship Program. -- Sarasota's Round Building Reuse International Ideas Competition. - Up-cycle waste material in the Make Some Green International Competition. -- 2008 Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence.

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