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Today's News - Friday, July 18, 2008

-- We lose a master and mentor in historic preservation.
-- A new research facility fits harmoniously into a classic campus.
-- Woodman accesses some of the nominees on the just-announced Stirling Prize shortlist.
-- A first look at H&deM's "radically revised design" for Tate Modern extension.
-- Survey by RIAI finds 80% of architects in Ireland think planners waste architects' time.
-- Szenasy wonders "how do we - the people - convince architects that we need them, and that they need us?"
-- Weekend diversions: Dyckhoff finds the Serpentine Pavilion is "the real Gehry: chunky, clumsy, jagged, direct" (he really likes it).
-- MoMA's "Home Delivery" sparks new looks at prefab: lots of energy going into proving the concept can live up to its hype.
-- Ouroussoff finds the show is "the kind of loving, scholarly achievement that is rare in today's architectural climate, which so often favors cheap spectacle over probing intellect" (great pix, too).
-- Saffron says the "five little homes" point to the construction industry's need to learn to build more efficiently; and spends some time with Kieran & Timberlake as they set up their Cellophane House.
-- Jacobs says their house "takes the mass and the production out of mass production."
-- Hawthorne on Lautner retrospective at the Hammer: "seeks to save the 'Chemosphere' architect from stereotypes."
-- "Spaced Out" author Alastair Gordon reviews the Woodstock museum: "More Republican golf club than hippie hallucination, it's still worth the trip."
-- Isozaki celebrates his 77th with a traveling show.
-- The V&A celebrates triumphs of structural engineering.
-- Rawsthorn reviews Noguchi's career on view at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
-- Dyckhoff on British Museum's "Hadrian": "there's no place like dome."
-- Rochon visits two Canadian garden festivals "where playful, irreverent designs and dark irony blossom." -- Page turners: Hawthorne reviews a new book about Dubai - "a new breed of political and urban animal, equal parts Las Vegas and Singapore."
-- Canberra's Walter Burley Griffin: his visions are as relevant today as ever.
-- Rykwert investigates architecture's development in relation to other art forms - a story told "superbly and with gusto."
-- "The Gridlock Economy": how too many gatekeepers with property rights can wreck the market.
-- Film: "Garbage Warrior" documents Michael Reynolds and his Earthship adventures.

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