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Today's News - July 17, 2006

EDITOR'S NOTE: Early Tuesday morning travel plans mean we won't be able to do the newsletter...we'll be back on Wednesday. ----- An exhibition explores our nomadic impulses. -- Six finalists named in the Global Green/Brad Pitt green design competition for New Orleans (you can vote for your favorite). -- Carbon life cycle study (includes lumber chain) aims to identify potential opportunities to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions. -- Warped growth or smart growth in Connecticut: lessons to be found elsewhere. -- Jane Jacobs revisited: would she really object to Atlantic Yards? -- Expressways vs. boulevards: some pro's and cons. -- Kamin is hopeful for Chicago Olympics, but elements of plans "are bone-headed with a capital "B"." -- Bringing good design to affordable infill housing doesn't have to add to cost. -- A "small" project on Florida campus has Robert Stern talking Wright. -- Saving energy is the future of architecture. -- Bridges bring out the feminine side of architecture. -- Are Britain's lidos about to make a comeback? -- Blame the architectural community if Kahn's Trenton Bath House isn't saved (say what?). -- Is Chicago really going to let an Adler & Sullivan meet with a wrecking ball? -- Sorting out preservation options for Eliot Noyes's house. -- Archives from Woodlawn Cemetery go to Columbia: show the "social architecture of death" inspired "a creative outpouring of remarkable artistry, variety and even surprise." -- The lofty goals of the Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. -- A new biography of Chicago's Millennium Park is "fascinating -- and gorgeous."




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