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Today's News - April 12, 2006

Pritzker winner offers lessons for mega-cities. -- Only shades of Burnham's grand plan for San Francisco survive (in some cases, a good thing). -- L.A. River slowly wending its way to renewal. -- A landscape architect's artful security features for the Washington Monument. -- A funky pedestrian bridge by an "architectural bad boy" could "put Toronto at the centre of a global trend that's placing pedestrians at the forefront of urban development" (what a concept!). -- Clean air and good manners: Beijing to ban cars and offer lessons in etiquette in time for Olympics. -- Boutique hotels are so yesterday: Sudjic charts the rise of the "statement" hotel. -- Gehry charms the foreign press at Tiffany launch. -- Call for entries for Silk Road Cultural Park in Xi'an. -- Another take on Bruegmann's tome about sprawl.

EXHIBITION: Barcelona in Progress




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