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Today's News - April 4, 2006

We lose an architect who helped shape Los Angeles. -- A new global alliance to make "net-zero" buildings a reality. -- LEED Gold for Vancouver Port Authority. -- Grants for Irish homeowners to go green. -- Now we have quality in manufactured housing, it's time to focus on design. -- A "gaggle" of design teams take on Toronto's waterfront (but is it a "mission impossible?). -- A love song and celebration for Sydney's gritty side that is being rapidly and thoughtlessly lost. -- Is there hope for Scotland's new towns? -- It's L.A.'s urban pioneers vs. LAPD with change in plans for an urban park. -- An inventive shortlist of six for museum project is a departure from Cleveland's "cautious, conservative mind-set." -- 1908 was a very good year: In San Francisco, a "ghostly restoration" is audacious and fresh. -- A bank building in a Twin Cities suburb that pays tribute to a Sullivan treasure is a "fun" break from the "drab stucco mold of so much new commercial architecture." -- A new dance studio in London is a leaping beauty. -- News with a Canadian (and British) accent: A Toronto residential tower promises to be an instant landmark - and proof that "reports of Will Alsop's demise have been greatly exaggerated." -- Foster's Vancouver high-rise promises to be like nothing the city has seen before. -- Toronto's new (and frugal) opera house is a "masterpiece of very Canadian moderation." -- A park in Nagoya is home to buildings that would otherwise have been lost. -- DesignShare extends registration deadline for innovative learning environments awards.

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