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Today's News - March 24, 2006

Rebuilding after Cyclone Larry in Australia (shades of and lessons from Katrina, perhaps?). -- Alsop's risk-taking too risky; now he's part of "a conglomerate of little-known commercial architectural practices." -- Is the "fertile chaos" of third-world cities is the future of modernity? -- "Save the 'burbs" campaign launches in the U.K. because "we need these greenbelts of condescension..." -- Winner announced in Sydney's East Darling Harbour development competition - but there is a danger of bean counters and dullness winning out, warns Farrelly. -- British city parks in danger of becoming "canyons of commercial opportunity amid towers of the new urbanism." -- Big plans for Israel Museum in Jerusalem. -- An interesting collaboration for the filling station of the future. -- Metropolis magazine celebrates its 25th anniversary with eloquent articles reflecting on "some of the defining moments in the design world since 1981." -- L.A. launches a design marathon (could it be the next Milan?). -- Deadline looms for inaugural international Grand Designs Magazine Awards. -- Weekend diversions: a tome about a dashing, daring designer. -- "I Love the "Burbs" on view in a New York 'burb. -- Piranesi for just a short while in Washington, DC.

EXHIBITION: Barcelona in Progress




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