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Today's News - June 29, 2004

ArcSpace this week: doors, Hollywood Bowl, and a youth house in Copenhagen. -- The first Architectural Biennial 2004 Beijing sparks heated debate. -- Green thumbs up (and down) for Chicago mayor's green dreams. -- Build green and make the economy grow (now there's a concept!). -- Lofty green dreams in Brooklyn. -- A rosy future for Houston? -- A not-so-rosy future view from Jane Jacobs. -- Both sides throwing punches in Manhattan's West Side stadium brawl. -- Glaser wins National Design Award; American designers lose to the Danes at MoMA. -- Beverly Hills gets culture - and saves a landmark. -- Mixed reviews for Graves library design. -- Tourism or protection, is there a win-win situation for World Heritage sites? -- Get set for a Charles Rennie Mackintosh explosion. -- British piers are a legacy of Victorian pride. -- Docomomo takes a stand to save "a perfect example of "functionalist" architecture in Scotland" (or, if you're the owner, an "obscure modern architecture lobby group" wants to save an "eyesore"). -- Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture plays the "Survivor" game. -- Controversial Wales Millennium Centre takes second place as public favorite (astonishing the architect). -- Open letter to the New York Times: Good-bye Muschamp…here's what the new architecture critic needs to do.

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-- Custom designed: Capoferri Serramenti S.r.l., Adrara S.M. (BG), Italy
-- Hodgetts + Fung: Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood, California
-- PLOT: Maritime Youth House, Copenhagen, Denmark

 Time for Chinese architects to come off the 'Eggshell': The failure of local architects' bids for major projects has not only revealed the inferiority of architectural education in China, but also the dilemma Chinese architects face. - Andreu; Hadid; Koolhaas; Herzog & de Meuron; etc.- China Daily

Mayor Daley’s Green Crusade: The longtime Chicago mayor has vowed to make his city the greenest in the nation. [images]- Metropolis Magazine

Building a greener world: If sustainability is embraced -- fully embraced -- we might just save the economy as we save the world. By Lee Bey- Chicago Sun-Times

Lofty Ambitions: An abandoned Brooklyn warehouse heralds the onset of hipster environmentalism - Susan Boyle and Benton Brown [images]- Grist Magazine

Down the Road: What future Houston could be like in 2025- Houston Chronicle

War? Terrorists? No, Here's What's Really Scary: Jane Jacobs, author of a seminal book that reshaped urban planning, has produced a quirky and typically iconoclastic new book.- New York Times

Dept. of Building: Winning the West: Both sides have started punching harder lately in the brawl over whether or not to build a 75,000-seat football stadium over the Hudson rail yards on Manhattan’s far West Side. - NBBJ; HOK- New Yorker

Cooper-Hewitt Museum: We {heart} Glaser: an icon of American graphic design...to receive the 2004 National Design Award; MoMA, Heavy on the Danish: If American design is getting a shot in the arm from the Cooper-Hewitt, it has gotten a swift kick from the Museum of Modern Art. By Linda Hales- Washington Post

Beverly Hills Cultural Center Foundation Receives $15 Million: grant...for the preservation of the landmark Beverly Hills post office [1933] and [$30 million] transformation into the new Wallis Annenberg Cultural Center. - Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates- Philanthropy News Digest

Library plans debut to mixed reviews: ''Where are the people? Upstairs...I like to see people when I walk into a library.'' - Michael Graves & Associates [image]- Poughkeepsie Journal (NY)

Tourism or protection, is there a win-win situation for World Heritage sites?- Xinhua News (China)

World-Class Heritage … Or Simply A Load Of Old Tosh? Love him or loathe him, get set for a Charles Rennie Mackintosh explosion- Sunday Herald (Scotland)

Piers of the realm: They're the defining features of our seaside towns, a legacy of Victorian pride - and a chance to walk on water. Jonathan Glancey disappears over the horizon- Guardian (UK)

Boxy? No, it's part of our city heritage: ...a straightforward plan to bulldoze the house to make way for three new homes has run into problems after Historic Scotland decided to list the building. - Alexander Esme Gordon (1968); Richard Murphy- The Scotsman (UK)

A critical time for architect program: The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation may have voted its president off the island, but now its architecture school is playing the Survivor game.- Arizona Republic

Fairy tale is Wales' favourite landmark: But second place was given to the Wales Millennium Centre...architect was astonished by the public commendation... - Jonathan Adams/Percy Thomas- icWales

An Open Letter to the New York Times: We urge the Times to name a new architecture critic willing to engage with new currents in design...the subtle but significant shift from the "project" to the "place."- Project for Public Spaces

New Directions: Branding Spaces with Graphics - Hillier Environmental Graphics Studio [images]- ArchNewsNow


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