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Today's News - June 25, 2004

Muschamp stepping down as New York Times architecture critic, and "his army of detractors is all too happy to see him leave." -- In Australia, too much money going to arts buildings and not enough to the arts and artists. -- Shipping containers as the new building blocks of the future. -- U.K. study: public welcomes - or rejects - high-density living (depends on which report you read). Koolhaas' Seattle library scores high - and low - points. -- A new waterfront park in Philadelphia - grass and trees to arrive at a later date. -- Bangladesh treasures Kahn. -- Storm continues to brew over Edinburgh design guru's possible conflict-of-interest. -- Arcosanti's struggle to continue building. -- Summer school at Harvard.

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As Muschamp Goes, Angry Adversaries Ready for Revenge. By Clay Risen- New York Observer

Fund artists, not edifices: The State Government boasts about its arts budget but how much of the money is eaten up by buildings and bureaucracies?- The Age (Australia)

The Shipping News: Shipping containers are everywhere—literally. ...why some architects consider them the perfect building block. - LOT-EK; Adam Kalkin; Sean Godsell; Jones, Partners: Architects; Office of Mobile Design; Fox & Fowle [images]- The Architect's Newspaper

Nimbys become Imbys: Housing surveys find that local residents would welcome high-density development in the South-east - Cambridge Architectural Research- BD/Building Design (UK)

Public rejects high-density living: The government's policy of promoting high-density urban living has been hit by research that reveals that 80% of the public would prefer not to live in apartments - Cambridge Architectural Research- Building (UK)

Rem Koolhaas retools a traditional civic institution at the Seattle library: As the rhetorical fog begins to lift, it's clear that some of the praise was justified and some not. By David Dillon- Dallas Morning News

Changing Skyline: A fine park now, and even better later: Philadelphia's most exciting new recreational venue is currently amenity-free. By Inga Saffron - Margie Ruddick Landscape/Synterra Partners- Philadelphia Inquirer

Our architect -- Louis Isadore Kahn: Bangladesh got from Kahn one of the most distinctive and memorable, and architecturally creative capitols in the world.- The Daily Star (Bangladesh)

£60m storm over contract award for ‘design guru’ - Terry Farrell; Allan Murray- The Herald (Scotland)

The Anti-Burb: Arcosanti, a struggling community in the Arizona desert, preaches the virtues of close quarters...one of the nation's longest-running experiments to base a community around ecologically sensitive architecture. - Paolo Soleri- Smithsonian Magazine

Harvard Design School's Executive Education Summer Seminars, June-August, 2004- Harvard Design School

New Directions: Branding Spaces with Graphics - Hillier Environmental Graphics Studio [images]- ArchNewsNow


-- Officially opened: Daniel Libeskind: Danish Jewish Museum, Copenhagen
-- Under Construction: Gehry Partners: MARTa Herford, Herford, Germany
-- Winner Young Architects Program: nARCHITECTS: Canopy, MoMA/P.S.1, New York City
-- Newly opened: Radisson SAS Hotel, Berlin


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