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Today's News - March 30, 2004

Getting serious about WTC artifacts. -- A Connecticut city with an identity crisis: is it an 'urb or a 'burb? -- A California town gets downtown down pat. -- Australian election not good news for good design. -- Same dilemmas facing urban planning in India. -- Fresh faces in Chicago bode well for city's architectural future. -- Also in Australia: measuring the ecological footprints of schools; and a "biological and ethereal" bridge. -- Titanium in Toronto and a pleasant rather than bilious forum. -- Holyrood (again): the people will love it despite the price tag. -- High praise for Archigram (40 years late?). -- The Zen of hilltop houses. -- Green goes mainstream. -- Tiles go green. -- Cass Gilbert appreciated anew.

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WTC artifacts should be part of rejuvenated site: ...with their poetic ugliness, these disfigured hulks would disrupt the gloss and glamour of the neighborhood now being designed. That is precisely the point. By Justin Davidson- NY Newsday

WTC artifacts await museum - Arad/Walker; Voorsanger & Associates [slide show]- NY Newsday

Blue Back Square: If West Hartford is less suburban than it thinks it is, and this new development is more urban than it thinks it is, can everybody meet in the middle? - Richard Heapes/Street-Works [images]- Hartford Courant (Connecticut)

Kudos to a tree-hugger of a complex: ...why Walnut Creek has the East Bay's healthiest downtown... So let the cynics sneer. By John King - BCV Architects- San Francisco Chronicle

Elections nobble good design, say architects: good design is being frustrated by a local planning system that enshrines mediocrity and a misplaced nostalgia. - Glenn Murcutt; Caroline Pidcock; Graham Jahn- The Australian

Designs that look ahead and experiment: What relevant architecture signifies: [not] lack of political will but managerial support...main stumbling block to urban planning. - Bimal Hasmukh Patel- The Telegraph (India)

Ones to watch: These fresh-faced architects are sketching tomorrow's Chicago, and the view looks great. By Blair Kamin - John Ronan; Jeanne Gang; Martin Felsen/Sarah Dunn; etc.- Chicago Tribune

Schools get an Eco'tude: Powerhouse Museum launches new website that allows students to calculate their school's ecological footprint.- Powerhouse Museum (Australia)

Webb Bridge: ..down-to-earth, a project Melbourne can be proud of...biological and ethereal, a stab in the dark and sculptural. - Denton Corker Marshall with artist Robert Owen [image]- The Age (Australia)

Will the Art Gallery of Ontario Have an Afterglow? Gehry's $195-million redo...only the second time the designer has opted to employ lightweight titanium...a two-hour evening forum...anticipating a free flow of bile and blood...it didn't happen.- Globe and Mail (Canada)

People will love it, says architect: Catalan architect robustly defended her late husband and their "fantastic" plans for the parliament...despite its price tag. - Benedetta Tagliabue, Enric Miralles/EMBT; RMJM- The Herald (Scotland)

Amazing Archigram: how a bunch of English architectural fantasists conquered the world. By Hugh Pearman [images]- HughPearman.com (UK)

Forty years on, the future has arrived: The radical 1960s architectural collective Archigram is finally achieving recognition for its extraordinary visions. Why did it take so long? By Giles Worsley [images]- Telegraph (UK)

Change is Good: One-of-a-kind house atop the Oakland hills moves people, both emotionally and physically. - Art Busse [images]- San Francisco Chronicle

Green beyond OZ: Boulder's OZ Architecture helps bring 'green' design to the mainstream- The Daily Camera (Colorado)

"S_tiles - Italian Tiles Towards Sustainability": Italian/English website promotes the sustainability of Italian tiles- Assopiastrelle/Association of Italian Ceramic Tile Manufacturers

Architect Cass Gilbert's work experiences rebirth- Journal-News (Westchester Co., NY)

Musical Catalyst: Detroit's Max M. Fisher Music Center sparks downtown redevelopment - Diamond and Schmitt Architects [images]- ArchNewsNow


-- Nearing completion: Rem Koolhaas/OMA: Seattle Public Library
-- Exhibition installation: The Moderns, Pacific Design Center, West Hollywood
-- Symposium: Reimagining Grand Avenue, Los Angeles (Gehry, Hadid, Cobb, Daly, et al)
-- Zaha Hadid, Pritzker Prize 2004 Laureate (as everybody else but a little different!)
-- Tadao Ando: International Library of Children's Literature, Tokyo


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