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Today's News - February 25, 2004

A good reason to go to Barcelona this summer: World Environment Day 2004. -- Who isn't on the list vying for Vietnam Veterans Memorial Education Center? -- Designing disaster relief housing that is sustainable, and potentially permanent. -- Valley Forge museum "something more than the usual roadside attraction." -- Chicago bridge as museum. -- A new center to put Lincoln, UK, on the performing arts map. -- A "once-grand Moorish fantasy" theater under glass. -- Freedom Tower to have two observation decks (and nary a mention of Libeskind). -- Artful security for Wall Street. -- A redesigning Tijuana border crossing. -- A new standard for branch libraries. -- Kudos for Daniel Urban Kiley. -- "Expanded architecture" explored.

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Barcelona and the Universal Forum of Cultures to Host World Environment Day - 5 June 2004- Environmental News Network

Thirty-nine Design Teams Express Interest in Education Center at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial [link to team list]- Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund

City from Scratch: Gans and Jelacic prove you donít have to live like a refugee....has developed disaster-relief housing that is more than temporary shelter. [images]- Metropolis Magazine

Conjuring Histories at a Crucible of the Revolution: Imagine Frank Lloyd Wright crossed with Peter Eisenman... By Herbert Muschamp - Robert A. M. Stern; Haley Sharpe Design; Andropogon Associates [image]- New York Times

Landmark Towers on Michigan Avenue Bridge to Become Chicago River Museum and River Center - McBride Kelley Baurer [link to images]- Friends of the Chicago River

£1.5M to Help launch Arts Plan: Lincoln Centre theatre project - Rick Mather- Lincolnshire Echo (UK)

Place of Escape May Survive, Behind Glass: ...would showcase the ornate, landmark 1928 lobby of the Keith's. - WalkerGroup/V Studio [image]- New York Times

A Plan for Wall St. Security, Without the Pickup Trucks: ...barricades resembling small sculptural bronze boulders...replace the far more cumbersome jumbo planter tubs... - Rogers Marvel Architects- New York Times

Secondary observation deck to rise 1,500 feet above ground zero: [9-foot-tall] Freedom Tower model...at the Center for Architecture through May. - David Childs/SOM (AP)- NY Newsday

Shaping the U.S. border: From a list of 56 national and international firms...GSA [chooses team] to redesign the San Ysidro Port of Entry...busiest border-crossing station in the U.S. - RossDrulisCusenbery; DMJM; Gustafson, Guthrie and Nichol- Sonoma Index-Tribune

Grand new windows reveal renovated Brookline library: With its green principles and winning design, the building sets a new standard for contemporary branch libraries in the region and beyond. By Patricia Lowry - Loysen + Associates [images]- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Obituary: Dan Kiley, Influential Landscape Architect, 91 [image]- New York Times

Obituary: Landscape Architect Daniel Urban Kiley [image]- Washington Post

Architect shares his spacious designs: speaks about his theory of "expanded architecture" - Stanley Saitowitz- Yale Daily News

INSIGHT: San Francisco's New Vancouver-Mania - Part II. By Trevor Boddy- ArchNewsNow

And the Winners Are: New Housing New York Competition Winners: Exhibition of inspiring designs for affordable, sustainable housing opens tomorrow.- ArchNewsNow


-- Competition winner: Medplan AS Arkitekter: I Boks Stavanger Concert House, Stavanger, Norway
-- Rem Koolhaas: McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago


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