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Today's News - February 24, 2004

San Francisco's obsession with Vancouver -- Part II. -- We lose a landscape master. -- Museums to expand, mold to the land, and strike a chord. -- Shortlist for environmental center. -- Green products make a profit. -- Old schools in Canada find new uses while preserving the past. -- Bike paths instead of bike ban for Shanghai. -- Disney Hall making neighbors hot under the collar (literally). -- A new castle in Scotland that looks like it's been there forever. -- An underground pub one of the safest places on earth (but not open for business). -- Beirut architect has "a sensibility born of the Mediterranean earth." -- Design retreat in Duluth.

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INSIGHT: San Francisco's New Vancouver-Mania - Part II. By Trevor Boddy- ArchNewsNow

Obituary: Daniel Urban Kiley, 91, Prominent landscape architect- Providence Journal

The Met's Expansion Plan: $155 million remodeling project...will expose the windows facing Central Park for the first time in 50 years. - Kevin Roche, John Dinkeloo & Associates- New York Times

A $100 million museum molded for Valley Forge - Robert A.M. Stern [images]- Philadelphia Inquirer

Striking a chord for black music: Newark museum would play up New Jersey's role in African-American sound - Hillier- The Star-Ledger (New Jersey)

Environmental center site finalists named: the latest step in Mayor's plan to make Chicago "the greenest city in America." By Blair Kamin - Carol Ross Barney; Brian Strawn and Karla Sierralta; Jeanne Gang; UrbanLab; Kevin Yim- Chicago Tribune

'Green' building products can prove profitable - Ashley Patterson; AMD Architecture- Salt Lake Tribune

Conversions add old school class: Universities and colleges rush to revive buildings...into one-of-a-kind spaces for students and faculty, while at the same time preserving Canada's past. - Corbett Cibinel Architects; Ventin Group- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Shanghai may relent on bicycle ban: plans to build a downtown network of pathways for cyclists (AP)- Environmental News Network

Glare off the Walt Disney Concert Hall's shimmering stainless steel curves is so intense it's heating up nearby condos at least 15 degrees... - Frank Gehry (AP)- NY Newsday

Arts and Crafts in the 21st century: impresario Sir Cameron Mackintosh builds a pocket castle in Scotland. It works. By Hugh Pearman [images]- HughPearman.com (UK)

Disused Pub is Nearly as Secure as Fort Knox: ...one of the ten most secure sites in the world...would have been used by the British Government during the last century in the event of nuclear attack.- Bath Chronicle (UK)

Mediterranean approach to architecture: ‘Conciliatory’: Nabil Gholam stands out from contemporaries when it comes to dealing with...achieving parity with building and environment - NG Architecture and Planning- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Lake Superior Design Retreat 2/27 & 28: Speakers include Andrew Freear/Rural Studio, Charles Harper/Harper Perkins Architects, etc.- AIA Minnesota

And the Winners Are: New Housing New York Competition Winners: Exhibition of inspiring designs for affordable, sustainable housing opens tomorrow.- ArchNewsNow


-- Competition winner: Medplan AS Arkitekter: I Boks Stavanger Concert House, Stavanger, Norway
-- Rem Koolhaas: McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago


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