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Today's News - September 5, 2003

A colleague pays tribute to Cedric Price. -- Sydney reports Westfield wants out of Ground Zero. -- U.K. politics take on public spaces (or is it the other way around?). -- Fixing the U.K.: "We are fast becoming a nation ignorant of how things are made or work even as the nation's infrastructure crumbles around us." -- Pittsburgh parking lot destined to be a park. -- Parking lots and light pollution. -- Birmingham's Bullring perhaps not the big benefit hoped for (but readers' comments are glowing). -- What's next: mutating buildings. -- Cheers for Philadelphia's new nest for Eagles. -- Detroit has high hopes and sweet music. -- Plans for "invisible house" won't materialize. -- Tour NYC green buildings. -- Exhibition of ambitious visions.

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Tribute: Cedric Price: architect for life...more renowned for his ideas than his buildings, once proposed the concept of ‘Non-Plan’ in response to violations of landscape. Paul Barker remembers him.- openDemocracy

Westfield wants out of World Trade Centre site: does not believe Daniel Libeskind took the needs of retailers and shoppers into account when he planned the so-called Freedom Tower...- Sydney Morning Herald

The Politics of Placemaking: UK government puts public spaces on the agenda- Project for Public Spaces

Can we fix it? No we can't: A land that was once the workshop of the world is now fit only for power cuts and industrial detritus. By Jonathan Glancey- Guardian (UK)

Oakland loses parking lot, gains town square in plaza plan...modeled after Manhattan's Bryant Park - Sasaki Associates [images]- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Op-Ed: Light Pollution: Heavens Above, Parking Lot Below- New York Times

New Bullring but same old problems? ...despite the futuristic architecture, some city design experts believe...brings limited benefits to Birmingham... - Future Systems [images]- BBC News

Bullring opens its doors: A £500m shopping complex has welcomed its first customers. [slide show]- BBC News

Building Momentum: Asymptote is out to prove - in cyberspace and in real life - that architecture doesn't have to stand still - Hani Rashid, Lise Anne Couture [image]- Time Magazine

Eagles' fancy new nest: Mixing architectural touches of the Ravens, Europe and more, the Eagles' $520 million home is something even a Philly fan can't boo. - Dan Meis/NBBJ Sports & Entertainment- Baltimore Sun

Concerto for Orchestra and Hopeful City: Detroit symphony orchestra, public school system and public TV [images]- New York Times

Planners reject design for an ‘invisible house’ designed by the architect behind the London Eye - David Marks- This is London (UK)

2003 New York Green Buildings Open House October 4- GreenHomeNYC

Exhibition Review: Frederick Kiesler: An Ambitious Architect of Visions and Dreams- New York Times

INSIGHT: A Story of a Place: Placemaking is the art of architecture connecting spaces to communities. By Alexander Wu- ArchNewsNow


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