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Today's News - September 4, 2003

A tribute to a pioneer of Northwest style. -- Ground Zero in the news in South Africa: "For [developers] the Republicans are the best business partners." -- As he heads to China, is Koolhaas cool on NY? -- Downtown NY neighborhood an 8-year overnight success. -- Calatrava's Canary Island concert hall soars and sings. -- Architects on the hot seat: A courthouse under construction, but no one knows how big/how expensive it will be. -- Two universities not too happy. -- Seattle opera house misses the mark. -- To preserve or not to preserve two piers. -- Scully named a Laureate. -- Big plans for reservation land. -- More rooms on Baltimore's harbor. -- Architect looks to his Korean roots. -- St. Louis piazza to be revived. -- Failing grades for America's infrastructure and suburban sprawl.

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Obituary: John Storrs, 83: The acclaimed Oregon architect designed Salishan, pioneering the Northwest Regional style- The Oregonian

Twin Towers reconstruction has many faces - Daniel Libeskind; Santiago Calatrava- Mail & Guardian (South Africa)

Still Delirious: Has Rem Koolhaas Abandoned City? ...despite his newfound interest in China and his harsh words for American architects, [he] is ultimately still enamored with New York City.- New York Observer

In Downtown Canyon, a Vibrant Social Scene Blooms: overnight transformation was eight years in the making. - Beyer Blinder Belle [images]- New York Times

Opening Set for Calatrava's New Concert Hall in the Canary Islands: Gehry's Walt Disney Hall in Los Angeles isn't the only glamorous piece of concert hall architecture to open this fall. [images]- Andante

Council: halt courthouse construction...until they know definitively what the project will include and how much it will cost. - Canon; KBJ Architects- Daily Record (Jacksonville, FL)

University of Maryland: UM criticizes designer of student center: Legal action is planned in $10 million cost overrun for building renovations - CHK/Sasaki (now named Torti Gallas & Partners/CHK)- Baltimore Sun

Where Are Cornell's Priorities? Duffield Hall was to be an architectural masterpiece - Zimmer, Gunsul and Frasca (ZGF)- Cornell Daily Sun

Close your eyes and listen: Seattle's McCaw Hall: It's just too bad the building...isn't a better piece of architecture. - LMN Architects- Dallas Morning News

Pierwise, One Person's Wreck Is Another's Art: ...architects are focusing on another relic of the city's industrial past. By Fred A. Bernstein [images]- New York Times

'Using the Power of Ideas to Influence Development': Architectural Historian Vincent Scully Is 2003 Laureate of the Urban Land Institute J.C. Nichols Prize For Visionary Urban Development- Yahoo News

$400 million project on Native American land near Phoenix: 2 million sq. ft. office and retail- National Real Estate Investor

Four Seasons hotel planned for harbor: $130 million development to include condominiums - Hill Glazier Architects- Baltimore Sun

Eagles Stadium Architect Yoo Looks to Tap Korean Culture - Yoo Shi-wang/NBBJ- Korea Times

Up From the Ruins: ...Piazza d'Italia is on the verge of saying ciao to broken tiles and other imperfections. Charles Moore put New Orleans on the postmodernist map.- The Times-Picayune (New Orleans)

ASCE Report: The Lights Go Out On Broadway: What can happen if America fails to invest in its infrastructure? Anything.- American Society of Civil Engineers

As Suburbs Grow, So Do Waistlines: studies...are the clearest example yet that the planning and public health fields are beginning to speak each other's language on suburban sprawl.- New York Times

INSIGHT: A Story of a Place: Placemaking is the art of architecture connecting spaces to communities. By Alexander Wu- ArchNewsNow


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