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Today's News - August 14, 2003

Manhattan and Los Angeles offer lessons in living with cars (really?). -- Meanwhile, waterfronts and streetscapes are being re-imagined for pedestrian use (now there's a novel concept). -- "Pseudo-sophisticates" may love modern, but the rest of the world craves traditional (John King quoted mightily). -- New standards to keep facades from falling on our heads. -- Underwater hotel diving for Dubai. -- Gehry tribute to Mrs. Disney: a Delft rose fountain. -- In liability dispute, "architects eat their own." -- Ideas Festival in Australia includes challenge to architects "spending too much time designing buildings to win architectural awards and not enough time helping communities rebuild their homes." -- A Lebanese architect finds her roots and international acclaim.

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We should learn to love our cars: Manhattan, not Manchester, must be the model for how cities can work with, not against, the car- Guardian (UK)

Vision now given form: Opting for simplicity and elegance, the design team has come up with a brilliant scheme [for Harbourfront revitalization]. By Christopher Hume - Ken Greenberg; Michael Kirkland- Toronto Star

Henry Thoreau: "It is a great art to saunter." How we design our cities and towns has an enormous effect on pedestrians, and therefore, I'd argue, on the quality of life of all residents. By John Mauro, smart growth director, Pilchuck Audubon Society- Grist Magazine

Bloor St.'s going uptown: The scheme...would transform the city's most important shopping district into something quite spectacular. By Christopher Hume - Architects Alliance; Brown & Storey Architects- Toronto Star

Chic Street Is Taking Off the Grunge: The glamour has faded a bit on Beverly Hills' famous shopping thoroughfare. So work crews are freshening the makeup. - Moule & Polyzoides- Los Angeles Times

George Jetson, meet yo' grandma: ...pseudo-sophisticates...think architecture should "reflect its era"...So the rebuilt World Trade Center must terrorize the public.- Providence Journal

ASTM Develops a New Standard for Inspecting Building Facades- Business Wire

Dubai plans latest epic destination, with 220 suites under the sea - Joachim Hauser- Guardian (UK)

A rose grows in china: Artists shape a fountain from broken Delft porcelain...a tribute [to Lillian Disney] at L.A.'s new concert hall - Frank Gehry; Tomas Osinski- Los Angeles Times

Architect says fire hall problems minor: architecture is a profession where architects "eat their own.'' - Ehlinger and Associates; Mouzon & Associates- Huntsville Times (Alabama)

Ideas Festival offers more than you think: the ethical responsibility of architects to do more than simply design grandiose buildings in their reconstruction of war-torn cities. - Esther Charlesworth/Architects Without Frontiers- Courier-Mail (Australia)

Designer builds harmony out of conflict: Japanese upbringing, Lebanese roots fuel Nada Debsí internationally acclaimed work- Daily Star (Lebanon)

Housing the Machine: Industrial facilities don't have to be unattractive. - Hillier [images]- ArchNewsNow


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