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Today's News - August 8, 2003

Another tribute to Arup's Fitzpatrick. -- Money (still) a major issue at Ground Zero. -- Building gold rush in Dubai: "…a huge amount of development that is frankly absurd." -- Hong Kong offers an architectural banquet. -- Big plans for San Francisco high rises despite low market. -- Rock band should love the view from Docklands tower. -- Stellar teams for London underground redesigns. -- Students take on a public lobby that the public doesn't like. -- MiMo architecture losing ground in Miami. -- Loss of decaying 1960s architecture in Huddersfield, UK, not mourned by many. -- Modular housing continues to gain favor. -- 17 weeks and counting to London Olympic master plan. -- Munich's newest art museum: praise and complaints: "a good display of that other bastard art, architecture." -- Spa plans go splat (again), and the finger-pointing continues. -- Design with elegance and wit. -- The must-have toilet.

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Obituary: Tony Fitzpatrick/Arup: Innovative structural engineer who tamed the 'wobbly' bridge- Guardian (UK)

Fund feud may slow WTC tower- NY Daily News

UK firms queue up to work on world's tallest building: ...join Dubai goldrush. - Skidmore, Owings & Merrill; Denton Corker Marshall- Building (UK)

When the sky is the limit: Hong Kong...where the architecture is like a glorious banquet - Pelli- Business Standard (India)

SoMa rising: Hunger for housing fuels high-rise plans even amid a dead commercial market - Heller & Manus- San Fancisco Chronicle

Burdon Dunne Architects/Craig Henry Architects win U2 Competition: landmark tower development at Britain Quay in Dublin’s Docklands [images]- Archeire.com

Star architects chosen for Crossrail station redesigns - Ian Ritchie Architects; John McAslan & Partners; Weston Williamson; Hawkins/Brown; Fereday Pollard Architects; Acanthus Lawrence & Wrightson; Wilkinson Eyre- Building (UK)

When form forgets function: Providence Public Safety Complex...a year and 50-million bucks later...Rhode Island School of Design [studio] will look at how to make lobby what it should be - Jung/Brannen Associates [images]- Providence Journal

Demolition beats effort to save example of MiMo [Miami Modern] architecture - J.A. Fusco; Albert Anis; Norman Giller; Morris Lapidus- Miami Herald

Classic 1930s library may be flattened: wholesale demolition might be the best solution to prematurely decaying 1960s architecture.- Guardian (UK)

Factory Direct, a Home Sweet Home: modular construction system...for moderately priced housing.- New York Times

Sprint finish for Olympics bid: The team...has 17 weeks... - EDAW;t HOK Sport; Foreign Office Architects; Allies and Morrison- Building (UK)

Munich's artistic trinity: Moderne features a good display of that other bastard art, architecture. - Stephan Braunfels [images]- Expatica

The Three Tenors turned up, but the Bath spa failed to open on cue again: fifth time the completion has been pushed back - Nicholas Grimshaw- Independent (UK)

Elegance, Wit and Pop in a Quarter-Century of American Design: "USDesign 1975-2000"- New York Times

Flush with success in Japan, firm floats toilet idea in U.S.: Toto wants to toilet-train Americans—the Japanese way.- Chicago Tribune

Housing the Machine: Industrial facilities don't have to be unattractive. - Hillier [images]- ArchNewsNow


- Schmidt, Hammer & Lassen: Summer House, Jutland, Denmark
- Saunders & Wilhelmsen Arkitektur AS: Three Summer Houses: Åland, Finland; Hardanger Fjord, Norway; Rysedalsvika, Norway
- Books: Scandinavian Living By Magnus Englund; Scandinavian Design By Charlotte Fiell & Peter Fiell


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