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Today's News - April 7, 2003

Adored and reviled, misused and unused for years, 2 Columbus Circle is about to get a new lease on life - and an entirely new look. -- Utzon wins the Pritzker (and Sydney claims him as national treasure). -- Libeskind: empathy and the architect. -- But: "Affordable housing and green spaces: These are what New York needs, not redundant office towers where mortals fear to tread." -- Flying high in Denver. -- A "juicy" new building for FIU School of Architecture. -- Promoting critical thinking in architectural education (what a concept!). -- Paving paradise: "Falls once fell here. Parking $5." -- New square in London deemed "a compromise gone horribly wrong." -- For Mexican architect, "globalization sounds too much like imposing one culture over another." -- AIA Housing Awards inspire. -- A skilled professional adds passion to her winning formula. -- Kinmen Island takes its architectural heritage seriously. -- Melbourne exhibition examines what makes good design. -- MIT dean takes on high-flying tech lab.

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Birth or death of a landmark? Museum of Arts & Design (formerly American Craft Museum) - Brad Cloepfil/Allied Works Architecture [images]- ArchNewsNow

Those magic sails carry Utzon to his greatest honour - Pritzker Prize: Glory for a man who gave us a national treasure - and became one himself- Sydney Morning Herald

House rules: Joern Utzon's Opera House is just one of many buildings to display his unique ability to design works of art.- Sydney Morning Herald

Jorn Utzon Sails Off With a Pritzker. By Benjamin Forgey- Washington Post

Tracing the empathy of an architect: Jewish Museum and Felix Nussbaum House illustrate the talent of Daniel Libeskind, who is redesigning the World Trade Center site.- Los Angeles Times

Opinion: Would You Go to Work in a New Skyscraper at Ground Zero? ...we've focused on...a pageant of architects auditioning à la "American Idol" to get the World Trade Center commission.- Washington Post

Wing and a prayer: Denver Art Museum's new wing. Still unkown: cost; how much $ has been raised; construction start; opening date. -Daniel Libeskind; Davis Partnership- Rocky Mountain News (Denver)

Miami's Juicy New Lesson Plan: Bernard Tschumi's Paul L. Cejas School of Architecture Building for Florida International University. By Herbert Muschamp [image]- New York Times

University of Cincinnati school redesigns itself: Architecture, design programs to promote critical thinking- Cincinnati Enquirer

My Favorite Parking Lot: Why do so many famous city sites come with a little booth and surly parking attendant? Another 'Oh, that's where that thing used to be' tour.- Buffalo News

Pull it down! The new Paternoster Square is an insult to St Paul's: a compromise gone horribly wrong. By Jonathan Glancey - Whitfield Partners; MacCormac Jamieson & Prichard; Allies and Morrison [link to images]- Guardian (UK)

Unifying themes dominate cultural center: Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta dislikes the idea of globalization.- Dallas Morning News

More than a place to hang your hat: AIA's Housing Professional Interest Area Awards presented to nine architectural firms- Philadelphia Inquirer

Award of Excellence Winner: Kathi Littmann: When Los Angeles had to speed up a troubled construction program, it called on a skilled and passionate professional [images]- Engineering News-Record (ENR)

Kinmen Island highlights its heritage: Its military legacy is well known, but what lies underneath is a land rich in cultural diversity and architectural beauty. [images]- Taipei Times

Design language: Can a thing be well designed if it doesn't work properly? Of course not, according to an exhibition now at the Melbourne Museum.- The Age (Australia)

Reinventing the Media Lab: William Mitchell, dean of MIT's School of Architecture and Planning, is seeking to ground MIT's high-flying tech laboratory in the university's academic rigor.- Boston Globe

WTC Proposals: Who's Saying What Worldwide (updated 04/04/03)- ArchNewsNow


- Léon Krier: Richard H. Driehaus Prize for Classical Architecture Inaugural Award
- Exhibition Scanning: The Aberrant Architectures of Diller + Scofidio, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York City
- Michael Maltzan Architecture: MoMA QNS, Long Island City, Queens, New York
- Frank O. Gehry & Associates: The Condé Nast Cafeteria, New York City


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