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Today's News - February 27, 2003

One of ANN's sources said, "The vote went quickly." The unconfirmed news was on the AP wire by 6:56 last night - just in time for Peter Jennings to announce it at the end of World News Tonight (right after "Mini-millions," a report on the fortunes spent for models to win competitions - the focus was Viñoly). Of course, the official announcement comes at 11:00 a.m. this morning (Lower Manhattan time). The question remains: how much of Libeskind's design actually has a chance at being built? John King proposes an even broader question: "What comes next? Not just in Lower Manhattan, but to skylines across the United States." We would add "across the world."

What is apparent to us in this emotionally-charged saga of the World Trade Center site is that it has not only galvanized the 'vox populi' of New York, but has brought to the front page of even the smallest local papers important issues raised by developments of every scale and impact. The public is letting its voice be heard - and in many cases, it is being listened to. What is most encouraging is the public vocabulary that now includes "bold" and "visionary." There can be no turning back. -- KR

Elsewhere in the world: Tampa museum redesign impresses. -- Big names will compete to school design templates. -- Duct tape and the future of architecture. -- An eye-catching tram on the horizon for Portland? -- Museum wins and woes in Beijing, Philadelphia, and Ottawa. - Scottish Parliament building raising celluloid eyebrows. -- Skylines by Speer (the younger). -- Bureaucratic preservation (now there's an oxymoron for our times). -- An architect goes green in his own backyard. -- It takes more than an Aeron chair to solve ergonomic ills.

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Libeskind Plan Chosen for World Trade Center Site- New York Times

A Memorial, Yes, but Battle Lines Form for Everything Else: could be "the worst kind of 1960's planning."- New York Times

Going for the bold: Designs for new WTC will reshape skylines beyond Manhattan. By John King- San Francisco Chronicle

Editorial: Involving the public in the process: The Tampa museum's design was important because it foreshadowed how public input would factor into many other planning decisions. - Rafael Vinoly- St. Petersburg Times (Florida)

Top architects in line for classroom design: winning designs will be made available to headteachers, parents and local education authorities to adapt according to their needs- Guardian (UK)

Creating a sticky situation: There are just a few small problems with duct tape...consider the way this entire Homeland Security initiative advances architecture into new, uncharted territories. By Lisa Rochon- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Creating 'kaleidoscopic moments': UN Studio vying to design Portland's tram...stands apart from its competition with a track record of eye-catching architecture- The Oregonian

Beijing to Invest 7 Billion yuan (US$854 million) on Museums- People's Daily (China)

Philadelphia Art Museum frames plans to expand its nearby annex...not in the current plans: additional parking, a main concern of the neighbors. - Gluckman Mayner Architects- Philadelphia Inquirer

New war museum's cost is over budget: Site complications, tight schedule add to expense - Moriyama & Teshima Architects- Ottawa Citizen

Wark's Holyrood film turns into drama: doubts raised about the editorial balance of the [estimated £787,000] documentary about the building of the Scottish Parliament. - Enric Miralles- The Scotsman (UK)

The House of Speer: Still Rising on the Skyline [images]- New York Times

City Observed: Preservation Observed: if bureaucrats had in the past displayed some common sense and courtesy there wouldn't be this present controversy. By Sam Hall Kaplan- KCRW.org (Los Angeles)

Extreme Green: Local architect shows that if you're just recycling cans and bottles, you're not using your imagination - Eric Joustra- The Almanac (California)

Ontario Association of Architects names 2003 President Paul W. Mitchell, OAA, MRAIC,- Globe and Mail (Canada)

Back Pain Linked to Workplace Morale- ErgoWeb

ADC Telecommunications Global Headquarters: A 21st-Century Workplace - Hammel, Green & Abrahamson (HGA)- ArchNewsNow

WTC Proposals: Who's Saying What Worldwide (updated Feb. 25)- ArchNewsNow


- Allmann Sattler Wappner: Südwestmetall Reutlingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
- Dorte Mandrup Architects: Neighborhood Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Rafael Viñoly Architects: Carl Icahn Laboratory, Lewis-Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics, Princeton University, New Jersey


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