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Today's News - December 3, 2002

The engineers explain just how Tadao Ando's design for Modern Art Museum of Ft. Worth was translated into a concrete reality. -- A view of Ando's museum from Dallas. -- Two weeks and counting until we see WTC plans. -- "Why not do it right the first time?" is the question raised by accessibility issues at Calatrava's museum and other public places in Milwaukee. -- Wacker is now a grand drive in Chicago. -- San Francisco's Ferry Building is now the city's Eiffel Tower. -- Brownfields you'd like to live on in the UK. -- A call to not Disney-fy Pittsburgh's North Shore. -- They're getting it right Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass (sounds like a song title?). -- Sunday NY Times magazine is all about design. -- Sir Terence Conran takes on "Tudorbethan rubbish" in architecture and interiors. -- A free spirit builds dreams. -- An interesting look at Mies and the Nazis. -- Catching the "bones" of Disney Hall on film. -- Italy's treasures for sale…perhaps the only way to save them? -- Research results emerging from neuroscience are going to change the practice of architecture. -- The Boym's and their monkey house…and more.

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INSIGHT: Creating an Arbor for Art in Fort Worth: The engineers explain the solutions that range from the exotic to the purely functional. By Spires, Galletta, and Joseph - Tadao Ando; Thornton-Tomasetti Engineers [images]- ArchNewsNow

Walls of Light: Tadao Ando made sure there's something to see at the new space - the building itself. By Jeffrey Hogrefe- D Magazine

Trade Center Designs Will Be Shown Dec. 18- New York Times

Accessibility is key part of building design: Couldn't Calatrava have tried a little harder to make the museum fully accessible... By Whitney Gould- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A grander canyon: The rebuilt Wacker...has emerged not only fixed, but finer, with only a few design flaws. By Blair Kamin - DLK Architecture; Johnson Lasky Architects; Muller & Muller Architects- Chicago Tribune

Renovated Ferry Building shines with dramatic light: 5-story atrium is centerpiece of S.F. landmark - Page-Turnbull; SMWM [images]- San Francisco Chronicle

Phoenixes ascend from the ashes: The greatest test for a developer is to turn an unappealing site into a place we would all be glad to live- Telegraph (UK)

On the North Shore, let's showcase new ideas, not nostalgia: Does Pittsburgh need an architectural design competition to get distinctive buildings? By Patricia Lowry- Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

DUMBO Rising: Unless you know where to look, you may miss the action in one of New York's most dynamic design districts. By Fred Bernstein [images]- Interior Design magazine

Design, Everywhere: A Prefab Utopia: BoKlok [housing development] represents the new frontier of Ikea's design ambition [and other articles relating to design]- New York Times

Conran’s new habitats: Hip inner-city apartments by Sir Terence Conran will stamp his urban living blueprint across the country- The Times (UK)

A muse for the masses: Free spirit James Hubbell helps create a fanciful school in an unlikely place in Mexico.- Los Angeles Times

Mies and the Nazis: rather than flee, Mies chose to stay in Germany. Why?- The Guardian (UK)

Letting walls talk: Top architectural photographer Grant Mudford explores Frank Gehry's Disney Hall- Los Angeles Times

Pssst! Wanna buy a palazzo? The Italian government plans to raise cash by selling off its artistic heritage- The Times (UK)

Architecture and the Mind: An introduction to basic concepts of neuroscience with tentative implications for architecture- Architecture-Mind

Welcome to the Monkey House - Constantin and Laurene Leon Boym [images]- New York Times


Four Books for the Holidays:
Barragán: Space and Shadow, Walls and Colour
Futuro: Tomorrow’s House from Yesterday
Architecture Now II
Studios by the Sea: Artists of Long Island's East End


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